Zoo Melaka 2009

Zoo Melaka is the second biggest zoo in Malaysia. This major zoological park is located opposite Botanikal Ayer Keroh and along the Lebuh Ayer Keroh route. More than 1200 animals of 215 species can be found at the Zoo Melaka.

Zoo Melaka

Month of August was my busiest month of the year. Almost every week, I went out for trip. Zoo Melaka is one of my target. This place is never been hard to locate if you come from Ayer Keroh direction. Go straight after pay the toll and look forward the signboard given.

Car park is NOT FREE and I paid RM2 for carpark.

There are two time slot for visitor to visit. DAY TIME (9am-6pm) and NIGHT TIME (8-10pm).

Entrance fee is RM7 (adult), RM4 (child) – DAY TIME while RM10 (adult), RM5 (child) – NIGHT TIME

I drop my plan to visit night zoo due to I prefer to take pictures while visiting a place.

Activities are varies from multi-animal show, photography session after the show, elephant show, feeding, riding and tram services. I didn’t go through all these activites but I’d a good time exploring the zoo in two and half hour. The major attractions of Melaka Zoo are the Malayan Gaur, Serow and the Malayan Tiger.

Yes…animal show display. A simple show which attracted less than 10 peoples. But the show still go on. Salute.

In line with the current zoo development, Zoo Melaka adopted an Open Concept and maintains the natural green environment. You can see those endangered animal everywhere especially bird species.

You won’t missed it if you go from clockwise from the main road. There are small roads lead to exhibits but I advise you to refer the map through out your visit.

The only place that I was not able to visit is Taman Mini Safari as it’s only open at night.

First animal in the row  is miniature horse. The environment surrounding these cages are lots better compare to my last visit, probably more than 10 years ago.

White Rhino mixed with Zebra? Since when they had become friend? Where is Hippo? I want hippo. Too bad!

Another open cage concept, we went in. We spotted creatures, mostly are friendly.

Dragon lizard…is one of them. All tame-tame.

Mouse deer park, they’re so small, probably my first time seen it.

Alo, Sang Kancil, you’re so thin.

Malayan Gaur (Seladang) is one of the famous animal in the zoo. Full of muscles some more. Who is the strongest? Elephant or Gaur?

Elephant ride is available at cost of RM3 for adult. Nobody is riding here. The elephant was so damn boring, shaking his head left and right like dancing.

Banteng and other ‘cow’ family species are my favorite. I met them finally…LOL.

This trip brought me face-to-face with them.

Wild-wild west species…made me relate it to cowboy town.

A very common sight in National Zoo, but nobody care them at Zoo Melaka. So unfair.

Hide at very far place. No point.

My favorite sun bear (beruang matahari).

Toilet facility is available after a long walk. If you need a shelter to rest, there are few around this area.

We spotted a kingdom, a primate kingdom catered for ‘monkey‘ species included orang utan.

Damn, I found my ancestor here! LOL.

Red ass type, a rare species that I ever seen. They posed happily for me and stay under their hut.

BUT I never thought of … OMG.

They also performed this ‘action‘ in front of us. Urggh…urghhh.

As we moved towards the end, I found Galeri Zoologi.

First section in the galleria, I saw a lot of information board talking about the life cycle of land species.

What is Animal Cafe is all about? Obviously we’re here to get close to them. It’s look real.I believe the fur was real.

Amazing huge crocodile replica, perhaps alligator? Showing damn fierce face when we stepped into it.

Welcome us or not?

Night Jungle. Full of animal sounds. I expect something comes out but NOT, only sounds.

Due to low light condition, I flashed my camera to see what’s around…LOL.

Not only this galleria provides shelter for cooling air, but also some small houses housing small karnivor and replitilia species. Overall, animals in this zoo are well-protected and well feed. Hopefully not to make them ‘lazy’  and only know hide at the corner without showing their faces. No point then.

So, if you plan to visit Zoo Melaka for information and knowledge, it’s a thumb up and good place! Basic knowledge on their habitats and background.

It’s a good to bring camera to shot something out of ordinary information, if you lucky enough.

Now, I’m addicted to animal exploration. I’m thinking of National Zoo now, since 8 years ago of my last visit.

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