Wat Dua Naga – Kelantan Tour

A Siamese temple located in Bachok district. Wat Dua Naga is the longest wall shaped like ‘twin dragons‘ in Southeast Asia. The colorful ‘twin dragons’ are 598 meters and completely surrounds the temple, forming an impressive arch at the front of the building.

Wat Dua Naga @ Kelantan

So coincidentally, I took a Kelantan tour after completed my island trip. We were brought around the town and visit Dragon Temple & Wishing Tree at Bachok coastal district.

The only thing that attracting us to here is this amazing big Buddha statue. It can be seen from far away and eternally welcoming visitors.

I’m so tiny when I stand beside the statue.

The temple also associated with giant “wishing tree“. It was hung with lots of “ribbons” that people threw , I think is for wishes that were made by the worshipers in hoping their wishes be fulfilled.

I’m not sure how long will be this temple build until its completion. Althought it’s not really fully complete but enough to make impression of completion anyway. The cost of building material are purely based on peoples donation.

Twins dragon are meant to be a pair wherever I go.

Nice landscape which I believe is a small fountain. Not yet complete.

Big tummy Buddha.

The building has carving on both side of its wall.

Have you ever thought of a replica of a T-Rex in a temple compound? Is it built just for tourist or some meaning behind it? I don’t know but everybody who comes across will definitely take a picture with him!

Lily in action.

The journey around this temple is just a split of hour. A very simple town tour. Full town tour will include Sleeping Buddha and Sitting Buddha which I missed out due to my flight hour not allowed me to do so.

After few stops at Warung Keropok and Batik Factory, we were heading to airport for departure.

Bye Kelantan.

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