Treasure Hunt @ Swiss Garden Damai Laut

Damai Laut is my new fascinating destination that I never dream on. However, Treasure Hunt has brought me over there to enjoy such an exclusive getaway place of a serene holiday.

Code Red 2 Hunt 2009

Swiss Garden Damai Laut

18th April 2009

This is my third treasure hunt and my second time being a navigator. The destination is Swiss Garden Damai Laut.

My team consists of MK (driver), me (navigator), Simon and Teh (passenger). Our strong team call GP Hunters. We only paid RM100 per person as the game is subsidized heavily by the organizer.

The starting point of the game is at Bukit Kiara car park, National Science Centre. About 60 cars participated in this game that day.

My role as a navigator is responsible to read the tulip provided and translate it to driver. Whereas, passengers are responsible to the answer of the questions given.

Camera is quite important to determine the progress on how fast we look for an answer. We snapped all the sign board around the area and if necessary, we will get back the pictures for the possible answer. By using this way, there is no U-turn required. Bravo.

Suggested time is 6.30am, however, the first car made it at 5.00am at starting point. Crazy oh! Very ‘semangat’. We reached at 7.20am, consider as late comer and line up at third row.

After a simple briefing and praying, we speed off at 7.41am and should reach before 4.51pm (ngam ngam 9 hours!).

We are given breakfast and mineral water. We still have ample time to eat because our first question is 19km ahead.

First and last question are normally the easiest. The first question is look like this, “A former leader … noodle house“. The answer is Pak Lah Tom Yam.

Nevertheless, the next question is giving us a headache.

The answer is FA Strides Resources (at the gate there) which the question is related to Fourth Notes of Musical. The rest of the questions are equally tough as expected.

Answer can be straight forward like this…with question “Long time no see business“.

A tricky question can lead to this kind of answer; a bunch of brand pictures. Take the brand name as an answer.

Again, I saw an unusual tradition of treasure hunt which is walk around. In the beginning, everyone seems to be very focus and hardworking. ‘Red‘ shirt peoples are around the road causing the residents looking at what it is happening. Haha.

As we wanted to save time, we only walk when we want to purchase our ‘treasure‘ at mini market. We had once took a break at coffee shop to charge our notebook battery.

Time is passing very fast. Our lunch time is over. We’re reaching to the point where we need submit our answer and conclude our game.

Once we finished collecting our treasures, we went ahead to submit at Rumah Bethany. Then, we picked up the second part of questions.

Soon after we saw other people’s treasures, we realized that we purchased the wrong treasures! Arggghhh!

The last question is just a bonus. We wish you all ____ and meet you at Damai Laut.

Submission of final answer is at Damai Laut resort. The journey took  us 9 hours and 234 km.

Excitement is rushing to fast when we saw this entrance.

Our accommodation at Swiss Garden Damai Laut is just splendid and magnificent.

We parked our car and we went to check-in our room.

The view from lobby is giving me a tranquility at first impression.

A big WoW.

A rewarding holiday package after the game is really worth my $$$.

Lumut is a new place for me, mark another stop in my travel list. I’ve mixed feeling during and after the hunt and it’s time for holiday after all. We are served with welcome drink as well.

My room is facing slightly side of the beach, and not swimming pool. Geez. I can’t expect much from it as we pay such a low participation fee. Darkness along the corridor spoilt my mood, some more located below the ground level.

The view from balcony made me forget about the ranting.

Although the room is facing to the bushes, it’s provides the maximum privacy. Yo!

Our room view with double single bed.

While others are enjoying the water pool for a refreshing body and mind, I’m taking a short sleep in my room.

At 6.30pm, we proceed to the beach for sunset view. How lucky we are when we are able to see such a wonderful sunset.

Dinner and presentation started at 7.30pm at resort ballroom.

Due to everyone are so hungry, the dinner starts first. If not dinner first, everyone will not able to focus on what’s presenting on the stage. Haha…buffet style.

We are presented with answer and some jokes during the presentation.

While we’re laughing for others, we are shocked to see ourselves featured in the slides. Hahaha. OMG!

Prize presentation is handed over to the 25 winners. Prizes from lucky draw also presented as well.

Event after dinner can be anything such as Kalah-OK (karaoke), snooker, and beach-walk. For us, we just hang around in the room for chit-chat.

On the next day, I wake up early in the morning for scenery taking.

It was a breezy and wet morning.

The seafood barbecue and bar is very happening at night. It was indeed a romantic place to dinner at.

One can enjoy a simple drink while looking around the beach.

The bench and the coconut tree planted one after another. Below pictures are my piece of art using DLSR.

We decided to check out early after breakfast and continue to head to Ipoh for lunch. Our lunch is held at popular Nam Heong Restaurant. A must visit place at Ipoh town.

Truly famous white coffee in the town. Only RM 1.50 per glass.

Chee Cheong Fun with pig skin.

The super delicious Char Kuey Teow, and it’s cost us RM 6 as we request for big prawn add-on.

Our journey ended at 7pm after everybody reach home safely.

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