Treasure Hunt @ Bayview Beach Resort

Pirates of the Am Caribbean

Treasure Hunt KL – Bayview Beach Resort, Penang

31st May 2008

By having a competition and at the same time feeling like having holiday is definitely a wonderful experience. I joined a treasure hunt for second time in a group of 4. Aaron (driver), me (navigator), Ellen and SL (both passenger).

Being a navigator means I need to read the tulips given on the paper and assist into locating the answer. Both passengers at the back 4flip forth and back the question sheet and prepare the answer. My unofficial responsibility is taking pictures of the shop name so that I could look back for previous possible answer.

The participation fees of the hunt is only RM100 per person as it was heavily subsidized by the club. Additional cost is shared among us. As I’m only the one in my group who has experienced in treasure hunt, I’ve to ensure the team is fine tune during the competition.

Every hunt has their theme and our theme is based on Pirates of the Caribbean Movie. As I’m not fan of this movie, the advantageous is not at our side already. Geezzz.

As early as 6am, the cars started to line up at National Science Centre, Bukit Kiara car park. Briefing start at 7.45am before everybody get into their car and VROOOMMM….to our treasure hunting!

Breakfast pack is distributing to us when we started. As our route is towards the North, we were required to use PLUS highway to our first destination.

The first four questions were based on there and everybody stop by and make the road kind of jam. It’s tough anyway, not easy as I thought.

We saw Lata Kinjang, one of the tallest waterfall in Malaysia on PLUS highway near Tapah.

We walked and get back to the car without answer few times. Weather was very good and sky was light blue.

Here are some questions that we gone through.

Question: The first ship pirate comes ahead here to reveal Jack at an auto business. Answer is ARROW.

Question: The rescue base? Answer: Kedai Serbaneka Save Station

Question: Sounds like they are compelling you to eat here. Answer: Kafe Foh Sing

Question: Able at last to make them vacant. Answer: AVAIL

Question: Seeking a strange place for a cup of coffee? Then come here. Answer: Siang Kee Kopitiam.

Question: Touch My Body lady seen here. Answer: Maria Kek House.

Question: Malaysian talent show initially seen at this material girl’s business. Answer: (AF) Tekstil Fatimah.

One of the participant that walked around like us in the beginning. But we moved around with car, rather than walk, in order to save time and heat from sun.

After submitting our answer sheet and also treasures at Sg Bakap, we took the docket and quickly rush to Penang Island via Penang Bridge. Traffic were jam for half an hour.

As the time still early when we reach Gurney Drive, we stopped by to had our pre-dinner. Penang food is amazing. I just roughly fill up lightly. I reserved it for my buffet dinner later.

Our accommodation is at Bayview Beach Resort, located at Batu Ferringhi area.

I’ve mixed feeling here due to the hunt and holiday mood as well. It’s hardly to explain unless you experienced yourself. Furthermore, Penang is one of my favorite place that no longer strange to me.

We walked into hotel and receive our room key.

Lift that bring us to each floor.

The hotel lobby and its restaurant.

Our room is facing the sea and equipped with two single bed.

Sea view….yeah! Splendid scenery from balcony.

Dinner is at 7.00pm (ala buffet style) and we just have one hour to prepare ourselves.

During the dinner, we were presented with local talent singer and game. Lucky draw is enlighten the event some more. I’m one of the lucky draw which draw me with one set of Micro oven. So lucky me that night.

Presentation of the answer held at same place and our organizer had took an initiative to make the presentation interesting by having our candid picture display to everyone. Haha.

It’s ended successfully and all of us were heading on our ownself. I choose to rest at room while others went for karaoke session at Gurney Plaza.

I fall asleep after 12am. Wake up in the morning to walk around the beach.

Hotel swimming pool.

Foot reflexology near the swimming pool.

We check out on time and on the way back to KL, we stopped by nearby to had our duck rice lunch. Heading to Ipoh, we stopped by for local biscuits and fruits. We reached KL at 7.00 pm. Me, Ellen and Aaron went for dinner at PJ before back to our home sweet home.

Journey end!