Treasure Hunt @ Awana Kijal Terengganu

OCBC War of The Tribes Treasure Hunt

KL to Awana Kijal Terengganu

9th September 2006

It was so wonderful trip I ever had while at the same time compete with others to win the prizes. Our team is named MIGHTY EXPLORER, a 4-workable-brains even though we had separated responsibilities here.

Driver and navigator at the same time help to get the answer of the questions. Teamwork show! I’m willing to be driver, cited that all the cost later on will be equally share among us. Luckily, the other two girls were looking for members too. The fate has joined us together.

Later, another guy has join our team, so four of us are ready out to Awana for relaxation and refreshing break, cool driving and challenge of puzzle solving.

Two days before the hunt, our team need to attend the briefing from the organizers. After the briefing, we can collect our goodies for the actual day event.

The sample question during the briefing session has made us feel the challenges.

My team is as follow:

1) Dexter (driver)
2) Darren (navigator)
3) Angie (passenger 1)
4) Carmen (passenger 2)

Our map to the destination of Awana Kijal. The distance is about 360 km. We are given 9.5 hours to reach there. We need to prepare some food, water, dictionary and stationary.

The flag off time is 7.15am and reach time is 5.30pm.

Ready….Yes..I am ready..The car is in the best condition. Even hardly to wipe some ‘pieces‘ of dust over there, Ms.Angie wonder herself.

All lined up as early as we reached at 6.45am. We’re reminded to drive safety along the route as it’s not a ‘race’. Most importantly….ENJOY THE HUNT!!

We’re given a paper with the tulips (direction) for us to know where the answer are ‘hidden’ in the question sector. Briefing session for 10 minutes before…we START sped off our journey.

In the paper, we’re required to go through 345.15km before we reach hotel lobby and park our car in 9.5 hours. Damn tired man. It’s my challenge anyway. I did it!

Our Ms.Angie and Carmen are responsible to capture the sign-board if we’re not sure the answer. The below sign-board is our correct answer for the question.

It was so fun when we just captured whatever we see along the route. I just put the signal/double signal for the caution of other vehicle to notice our activity. LOL.

We finally spent some time to get our ‘treasurers‘ indicated on the paper. We MUST get this before we reach the terminal for submission. We bought some from this mini-market.

We enter Gambang rest area to submit our treasurer. A wig, two sunglasses, a weapon, sarong batik, scarf, and so on (don’t remember) because they were the one who prepared these.

Yo…we can see the beach…but we still have far to go. Made everybody glance at the sea thinking of the happiest moment awaiting us there soon.

YES!! Finish!! We entered the Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort, Terengganu’s first-ever 5 star resort set amidst 800 acres of lush greenery, fringed by a 7.6km private beach.

We quickly submit our answer sheet at the counter in the lobby. 🙂 We are on-time!

We collect our rooms from the counter and straight away check-in. We enjoy ourselves around the resort before we headed to dinner for prize presentation at 7.30pm.

When I entered the room, I feel some attraction towards the comfortable bed that serve me tonight.

View from my room. Nice is it? Got the snake-n-ladder game. YOU become the moving unit on the giant game.

Golf course at the resort. Can view from my room as well.

Beach Volleyball is a complimentary. All you need is register yourself and get a ball.

I walked around the beach. The sand is very soft. Look so different from the beach I visited before.

This is how I relax on the beach during the sunset.

How can I miss to take photo at the beach? Here it is.

Mr.D spy cam of Ms.A

Buffet dinner @ The Grand Ballroom with prize-giving for the winners. Only 20 team winners announced and the best decorated car out of 60 teams. My team sit on the 28th place!!! Consider good as all of us are beginner.

After dinner, we are having a drink at beach side bar.

While others are brain-storming with giant chess game.

We only get back to room for napping after 12am.

Day 2 – 10th September 2006

Wake up in the early morning to had our breakfast. A morning breeze was cooled by the beach.

Finally, we had a team photo. Actually each of us are shy from camera. This done by self-timer shot.

Foot reflexology house.

Before we check-out, we walked around to see resort facilities and environment. We found the environmental is superb.

Umm…we check out on time, 12pm. Then we head for seafood restaurant. Here it is. Typical seafood, but fresh. Cost RM172 for 8 persons (we joined table with our other colleagues).

We ended our trip to KL at 2pm and reach Angie’s house at 6pm. Happy Hunting and good memories everyone.