Taman Negara 2007

It was an ultimate trip to explore this 130 million years old rain forests. The large quantity and variety of nature is unique in Taman Negara, one of the world’s most complex and rich ecosystems. It is spread out over 4343 sq. km of the formidable Titiwangsa Mountain Range one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforest.

Taman Negara

13 July 2007

Suggested by my colleague who like nature and we all agreed to organize a trip in group of 6. We paid RM470 for this trip with bus transportation included. We met at outside Crown Princess Hotel.

We’re advise to bring T-shirt, shorts, sport shoes, torch light (night jungle walking), slippers, toiletries, drinking water and swimsuit. My package is 3 days 2 nights (without Lata Berkoh). Ishhh…next time I must go Lata Berkoh (waterfall), heard that it is worthy.

My Itinerary:

Day 1 (13-July-2007)
9.00 am – Depart from KL by car/coach.
12.30 pm – Arrive at Kuala Tembeling Jetty. Lunch at Restaurant Ghazali.
2.00 pm – Boat ride (river safari) to Kuala Tahan, the headquarters for Taman Negara.
5.00 pm – Welcome to Taman Negara! Check in to the resort.
7.30 pm – Dinner at Resort.
8.30 pm – Introduction to Taman Negara through watching video show and posters at the Interpretive Room. Thereafter, night walk to Tahan Hide to observe wildlife,continue with insect safari in the jungle. Bring along a torch light.
11.00 pm – Sleeping time.

Day 2 (14-July-2007)
7.30 am – Breakfast at resort / floating restaurant.
8.30 am – Jungle trek to Teresek Hill (344M).From the hilltop and in clear sky, you may be able to see the peak of Gunung Tahan (2,187M), the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia. On return trekking, you are invited to challenge the canopy walkway which was installed above 30-50M from the ground.
1.30 pm – Lunch at floating restaurant.
2.30 pm – Gua Telinga (Ear cave) exploration. Bring along a torch light as the cave is dark.
4.30 pm – Shooting the rapids Experience 45 minutes of sheer thrill as you and your boatmates negotiate 6 sets of rapids to Kuala Trenggan, up stream of Sungai Tembeling. You must be prepared to get drenched! On the way back, visit to Orang Asli settlement.
7.30 pm – Dinner at resort/floating restaurant. Thereafter, you may carry out your own activities such as shopping for souvenirs and go for a stroll around Taman Negara Resort.

Day 3 (15-July-2007)
8.00 am – Check out & Breakfast at resort/ floating restaurant.
9.00 am – Leaving Taman Negara by boat or land transfer by van / taxi / bus.
11.30 am – Arriving at Kuala Tembeling Jetty and proceed your journey home. Bye! Bye!

Day 1

Took monorail to Raja Chulan to take bus at Crown Princess Hotel at 9am. After half an hour, we boarded the bus and hurray!! We listen to the guide talk about the trip. In between, we stopped at rest station. We lunch at Ghazali Restaurant.

Alternatively, you can arrange on your activities on your FREE and EASY packages you bought earlier to ease your budget.

My group of six peoples. Each of us connected to one of another. Start from Chai only know me as I invited him, while me know Ai Wei, and Ai Wei know Alice. Alice know Jack and Jack invite Freddy. That’s mean Chai and Freddy only got one known friend in the group. The rest of us known two friends only.

Kuala Tembeling jetty. Took this boat ride to Kuala Tahan, the headquarter of Taman Negara. It’s also where the resort is located. Two hours is killing and it’s hot somemore.

These boats are well maintained and look new even though it’s not.

Other passengers on the boat. Majority are tourist, hardly to see local. Why?

Our long boat start slowly and get so rough when speeding. Water splash into boat if it’s not balance properly. The noise is loud and hearing capability is affected when we reach at the land.

First time seeing floating restaurant.

Stay in Woodland Resort, a resort that not far from jetty if transported by van. If walking, we need 15 minutes to reach resort. Luckily got warm welcome.

We were welcome by resort transport for check-in. Our group is being assigned with one guide and we stay tuned on the schedule at the night.

Upon check-in is our free and easy time. Local set dinner at Floating Restaurant (local meal) video presentation but then not able to make it due to weather. And the video is just for tourist who just came to Malaysia. It’s a kind of introduction of our country. We, however, can skip this.

We stay in twin sharing room located at downstairs. The chalet and studio room are superb.

Swimming pool is fun.

After dinner, we went for night jungle trekking, however, spoil with heavy rain. We ended up at one of the shelter with durian seller. So we got free durian. Wow.

You can imagine how delicious it is. I’m durian lover…woo. Even though we look upset with such heavy rain, when we back to resort, we learn about each other at hotel lobby. Gotta prepare for tomorrow event: Jungle Trekking in the morning, Cave exploring and rapid shooting in afternoon and Night Jungle at night. Full day event is awaiting us.

Day 2

In the early morning, around 7am, we had our breakfast at resort. A simple plate of nasi lemak. We must gathered at lobby before transported to the boat and then to opposite side.

Well, we were having fresh face, ready for trekking. He is our guide which will be with us for 2 days.

We took the boat to cross the opposite river and we reached the other resort, Mutiara Tmn Negara.

Mutiara Tmn Negara is a more adaptable to forest and gave us a feeling living in jungle/village.

While walking, he explained in brief what can expect in Taman Negara that never be out there. We went through Mutiara Resort to the jungle. Whoever stay in this resort is so lucky to have so many shortcut to important destination.

Our guide look ‘tulan‘ when we took picture non-stop..haha. At least he is good in guiding us until the end. We love him.

Tualang tree is a tall hardwood tree that grows in Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra. It grows so huge and tall, requires 4 adults to hug hand by hand. For us, we just hide in between its root.

We took to the world’s longest canopy walkway measuring 530m at Taman Negara. It consisted of 10 bridges, nine platform, the hghest stretch was 45 m above the ground which would provide visitors to touch the tips of some trees.

It’s getting higher when we moved from one tree to another. Safety net is so safe until I feel that I want to plan going for sky trek to get less safe and challenging.

Hike up to Bukit Terisek was a bit tough for me at that time, due to my stamina and my lack of experience in jungle trekking. From that moment, I falled in love with hill-hiking even more.

There’re more to hike however, due to time and plan, we only up to here and gotta walk down back to boat. According to our guide, we need to camp at Kuala Tahan if we want hike further.

We had our lunch at floating restaurant.

Our next destination is Gua Telinga (Ear Cave). Took the boat to somewhere and drop us. The unique motorised gondola made for a fun and unforgettable ride amid waves.

We walked for 10 minutes and reached Ear Cave.

The cave is becoming narrower inside. I don’t worry about it because our guide is big size, so if he can do it, why the rest of us can not do? Sure can…go go go. Inside was so dark, without hand light, we see nothing and trapped.

There’s no way back, all must go ahead. We just fell into the water and had to say goodbye to the sunshine jut 10 minutes ago but it felt like forever as were going through the sharp moist rocks and touching the black runny liquid on the rock surface. We could not tell those were droppings or dirt. It’s stink!!

We had to duck all the way, cautious about the edges above our heads. The passage became more challenging as we crawled in. At one point, we had to lie flat to cross.

Finally is out! Girls are welcoming us at the end. Feel like, ‘Oh, you come out finally, we’re waiting anxiously, wondering where you are.” Cheer us up.

Guys were getting out later, for being protective at the back. Girl in and out first. Front troop, perhaps..haha.

By the way, he is look like being something fishy when coming out from cave. Hey, we’re not catching thief here. Haha.

After us, there were more group entering into cave. We went back to starting point to collect our bag and of course took an ‘after’ photo. Look dirty, is it?

I actually enjoyed cave exploration. The prospect of jungle trekking and shooting the rapids did not excite me.

Our next destination is Aboriginal Village.

Their head and his fellow villagers demonstrated how to make fire and hunt with blowpipes.

Our Alice is shooting with help of Freddy for stabilization.

I’m not sure how they feel when people such as tourist visiting them and bring them revenue so that their life could be better. Not that life getting better until they manage to build double storey house, then what is the point of Orang Asli settlement means then?

At least their basic necessity is fulfill and met!

If you look properly, they are quite open minded in the first place. After a while where more camera does some flashes to them, they start to cover it up.

Shooting the rapids does everyone so nervous. Our boat negotiate 6 sets of rapids to Kuala Trenggan, up stream of Sungai Tembeling. We were drenched!

Soon after that, it’s dinner time at resort.

The night jungle walk was another refreshing experience after dinner. Even though, we did not have any luck to see animals, the melody by thousands of insects was memorable.

We’ve to cross the opposite river again. The entrance to the night jungle is same with earlier jungle entrance.

Our guide search for some night survivors for us and explain to us one by one.

Without the torchlight, we’re totally in blind mode. By the way, the insects are not afraid of our light. Well, I believe they’re every where, on your top or on your shoulder, perhaps.

The whole night jungle walking is new to me. We had a wonderful night then, it’s the end of our trip. Our guide express his gratitude of being with us this 2 days and hopefully can meet again somewhere else. We also can introduce him to our friend who plan for Taman Negara trip.

Day 3

Early in the morning, after breakfast, we prepared to check-out.

I felt that I had not had enough. There was still so much to explore, including the wildlife observation point in which visitors need to take 4×4 wheel at night, the waterfalls and hardcore adventure trek up to Gunung Tahan.

Definitely I will be back once again. See you.