Taman Buaya Melaka 2011

Taman Buaya Melaka is one of the largest crocodile farm in the country. This farm has over 200 crocodiles of various species including the Siamese, African Dwarf, Humpback and Indian Marsh. My visit was part of my journey to widen my exposure to Melaka tourism.

Taman Buaya Melaka (Malacca Crocodile Farm)

The crocodile farm is located just opposite the Zoo Melaka and easily found along the road from Ayer Keroh toll to the town. Car park should be free but very packed with cars especially during the weekend. I parked rather far away at 11.00am.

Finally, I managed to arrange my time to visit the farm since 18 years ago … how long is that you know? I was almost forgotten how it was look like in the past. Over the time, the crocodile farm had renovated into modern and achieves the biggest crocodile farm in the country.

FOR your information, the entrance fees is RM8 per adult and RM5 per children. This has been revised from RM5 and RM3 respective last time. TO include water park and farm together, one has to pay RM10 and RM6 instead.

Entrance feesfor your info

Upon getting into entrance, we were welcome with a vast land of replicas. YES! My favorite small-sized architectures are all here.

Important architecturein Malaysia

Penang bridgewhere is the cars?

A’ Famosacan fit a human inside

Stadhuy buildingthe fountain is not function

Parliamenta complex building

Federal Administrative Buildingin Putrajaya

Prime Minister of Malaysiaresidence in Putrajaya

National Monumentlocated in KL

National Mosquealso located in KL

A walk around in Taman Buaya can be done in just 30 minutes assuming you’re not into anything. But since I was busy taking pictures with all interesting stuffs, the time taken also very slow. I observed the road map and the direction, was pretty straight forward.

Route Mapstraight forward direction

Leading to somewhere elsereptilian house and aviary

Weird tortoiseancient creature?

Aviary hardly spotted any flying object

To keep entertaining your family with child, there are few playgrounds for them to spend their time. ONE of the most obvious is water park. A kind of new idea having it but why it was created within the crocodile farm? TO keep them accompany or to make profit?

Entrance within the farmwaterpark for child ONLY

Waterpark or waterpool?children park I guess

Haunted Housefake ghost to keep you entertains or screams for nothing

Train stationto see giant creature a.k.a dinosaur?

Now is the crocodile show time … all kept tight in the cage and safe from visitor’s reach.

Saltwater Crocodilemost common in Malaysia

Local crocodilelook like lizard dampening here

An injured crocjust gotten his fight, win or not?

Tailless Crocodilefirst time see this only in Melaka

Without tailis it consider as more tamer?

At last, we went off to see the show and secure a good visitor place. Overall, it was quite entertaining.

Lazy crocodilebut people still waiting for the show

My exploration towards animal has almost completed. Even though there are few in Malaysia I’ve yet to explore. I vow to explore very soon.

Sometimes, it’s quite a relaxing to give myself some time from physical drain activities and went for something like this. Otherwise, it’s good for educational purpose to revise my memory back then.

And weekend is the best to visit as many stalls and show will run due to huge amount of visitors from everywhere. I’m looking forward probably another Zoo located in Perak. LOL.

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