Tabur Hill – Third Hiking

Tabur Hill (Bukit Tabur) is one of the favorite hill hiking in KL. It could be seen from the MRR2 and to go there, you need to follow direction Taman Melawati which is the housing area. Take the left side on first roundabout and opposite on second roundabout. Follow the small (one way) road with zig zag until reach the end of road.

Tabur Hill (Bukit Tabur) – Third Hiking

2 August 2008

We’re at Bukit Tabur West entrance where I park my car along the road side. I never been on East side, heard it’s more demanding with the long 30m rope there. Fuh…I’m waiting for people to bring me there.

This climb is taking me approximately 3 hours plus. The peak offers spectacular view of the dam.

As this hike is my third hike in 3 years, almost once every year, I foresee the challenges has reduced. I came along with my gf and she like this place due to the challenges has effect on her.

At first, it was amazing tired with every huge step before we start seeing the sky (we excited when we can see far away).

I was merely a guide to my gf and I try to enjoy hiking and scenery over there. Also brought the camera to take picture, eventually no idea what picture need to capture. I taken most of the scenery there before. I need start taking picture of the climbers. Haha.

I reserve my spot as a guide for next time whoever interested to climb it.