Tabur Hill – First Hiking

Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill)

2nd July 2006

I went to hill-hiking at Bukit Tabur organized by Sport and Recreational Club of the bank on the first Sunday of this month.

In the first, I didn’t expect any challenges come from this sport. I thought of walking and down throughout the small-ville jungle. Never thought that I actually had to risk some dangerous time during the activity. Huh.

If I knew before this, I would be well prepared and also can’t sleep properly or thought of the bad things happens. Anyway, I’m glad that I was so innocent to know before hand. Hehe.

If I tell you to cross to the other side, would you try? You climb down (if the slope is 80 degrees, a rope is provided) and climb up to the other side (see the guys there).

Since many peoples can do it, why not me? Go ahead easy.

However, I can show you the actual place where toughness can be expected. I couldn’t believe that I already fit enough to make entire activity complete!! I said to myself I had to complete this so that I could tell everyone about this afterward.

Let say I put you on the top of this hill, you must climb down for your own life. Would you?

Just before it started, our guide’s assistant (purple shirt) presented us some cautions do’s and don’t. The most important is team work.

Guys must be generous to the girls and give them a hand when necessity. However, we were told earlier on that this will not be difficult, just treat it easy.

I think it’s not easy at all. We started to think when we are going to finish this hiking. We started to lead a difficult path. We never had a chance for a rest for the first 20 minutes until we reached first flat surface. Huh.

This was what we seen from the first top we reached. A dam which is provide water supply to the housing area in KL.

The route was simply danger and hard to cross. But we had to do it in order to complete this quest. That’s all. We can’t look back or turn back. We had no choice.

Hehe, of course you’re safe here, because there’re already a designated path and rock step for everybody to do this activity. Be sure watch your step and hold tight.

I already from the opposite and ahead one step from them.

During my climbing, I found that the view is too nice there. I take the moment to stop for a while and SNAP. Yo, I am on the rock while snapping and counting how high I was here. Cool man.

Besides us, another team also shares the same route with us. They look tougher and older than us too! Shame on us already.. Haha.

A helping hand is very important. We practice it all the time. No worry girls!

Who gonna giving a helping hand to me?? Hehe. I climb down the hill using rope (attached on the stone). Actually I am very delighted that everyone were giving full attention to each other whenever the tough action need to be done in this way.

It’s my helping time. Haha. Guys, you take care yourself. I am gender discriminator. LOL

We separated into three groups where the first group seems tough and needless any help. They’re independent! I m in the first group. Haha. I can’t be the last man…I want to be the first group to finish this.

80 degrees slope?? Watch out the person in front of you! Mind your step.

Another wonderful slope to climb down. Really tough!! I have no time to hold a camera to take this view.

Snake spotted! Cool man!

Another hard-to-cross route where the small ‘trees’ are shorter than us.

Finally, we reached another top of the hill. Dunno which one is the highest because it got too many hills there. Well, take a breath before another hard-to-cross route. LOL

Finish. We came back to the entrance route again. Take a rest while wait for the others. The time was 12.15pm when I finish this. Took about 4 hours plus.

My confidence is arise from this activity. I feel that nothing couldn’t be solve and many things in your life can be so simple and don’t take it hard. How glad I was right now.

There is a possibility I would join more in future like jungle trekking, backpack and so on.

Luckily I frequent go to gym for the strength and cardio workout or my leg would be shaking all the time. I pass it finally!!

Took a group photos before heading to Wangsa Maju KFC. Gonna to be a memorable quest for everyone of us.