Sungai Gabai Waterfall 2009

Sungai Gabai Waterfall is located at the district of Hulu Langat. The waterfalls have few falls which cascade down over 100 meters. Apart from swimming and picnicking, wading in the river among the rocks and boulders can be an exciting outing for the whole family.

As I love weekend outing, this weekend is kind of special. It’s a place where I never been before and very scenic in Hulu Langat district. If you come from Kajang, you should follow the road sign to Hulu Langat or Pangsun.

The distance is about 25km from KL. My group is form of 5 peoples included me. They all car pool with me and we started our journey at 7.30am. Kinda early but actually it’s better. The place is not yet get crowded at this hour.

Entrance fee is RM1 for each person. Foods are bring along to make our trip like picnicking.

There is a stair case to climb, must if wanted to reach smaller waterfall up there. It’s not that high but 100 metres perhaps.

It’s hard to imagine how beautiful it is without showing the pictures especially in the breezy morning.

Upon reaching, we gotta cross the bridge and that’s our picnic stop.

Our foods are specially prepare by these three girls. I prepare spring roll while Goh prepared 100 plus drink. We find a place to put our stuffs.

Start going down to the waterfall and it’s damn cold. How to warm up our bodies? We splashing to each other and screaming. Damn funny.

The water stream is enough for massaging our back. Here is how Mei Ching, Tracy and Goh are enjoying.

Roughly an hour we spent at the small ‘private’ waterfall. We  were tired and decided to go for rock sliding. It’s fun where you can slide for about 10 meters down. An expert can use their foot to slide but it’s dangerous if you fall on the rock.

The sliding is pretty fun whereas we go for many rounds until we get tired again.

At the end, there are few pools that suitable for swimming. However, we go for rocky river for another round.

Again, it was a relax moment.

Small stream between the rock.

As long as we still got energy, we go on with small stream of water. Perhaps it’s just relax after the activity. A group of five. High five. We could make it for another round in other places.

Around 12pm, we start to pack our thing. We went off and back to home happily and tired.

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