Singapore – Project Trip

Singapore – Project Trip

15 October 2007

Again a trip to SG paid by the company to accomplish a task in our project implementation list. It has to be done one week before the real “go-live”.

I’m not alone going there. James is coming together because he’s belong to same team with me. He got a vast experiences going SG for training, so I leave all the arrangement to him. I’m not worry about it.

I departed in afternoon, so I took KLIA express to KLIA at cost of RM35.

My flight is on 3.40pm and reach Changi at 4.35pm. Check-in at Oxford Hotel around 6pm. We walked to nearest MRT to the TC office. In fact, our task need to be started at 7pm onwards.

We had successfully finished it on time at before 9pm. As we haven’t took our dinner when we came to the office, we had it near our hotel coffee house. I noticed that shops starting to close at 10pm. No choice, so better take early nap at hotel lor.

Breakfast is provided in the next morning after we check-out. Reach office at 9.30am, and we joined the discussion over some minor issues as well as meeting our counterparts there.

In fact, there are more like socializing with people around and get familiar with them so that we can have better communication channel over the phone in MY.

For me, working in SG is like working as part-time contract. I need to go through the period so that I can earn that amount of money that I desire. Simple right? I have this thought right now.

My colleague there bringing us to nearby complex for lunch. He is so good because generally pay my lunch and tea break.

I took a step out from there and heading to airport at 7pm, flight at 8pm. Time is so rush until I reach home at 11pm.

I’ll be always be remember the day I spent at TC1. Thanks Thomas and the rest of the team.