Singapore – Job Training

Sorry for slow updates recently. Been too busy with work lately. Just wanna updates the old that I was in Singapore on last April to celebrate my birthday. My first step to outside land of Malaysia. On 23rd April, the day when I reached 24 years old.

Opss..haha, no lar, I was there from 23-26 April for training . Can I consider this as my birthday gift by the company? 4days 3 night tour in Singapore.

I rather to stay low profile on my birthday, just a normal greeting will do. I’ll blush if someone plan a surprise party suddenly. Well, it’s not happened.

Three of us went to SG and we departed from KL on that day at 4.30pm.

We took KLIA express and it’s totally awesome. Only took half an hour to reach KLIA airport from KL Sentral. We reached Changi Airport at 6pm and took cab to the hotel. Due to traffic jam in district area, we check-in at 7pm.

We have walk around the Orchard Road looking for dinner spot. We finally landed on a food court because of the better choices. They treated me my birthday dinner. Ok la. At least, in a special environment, far away from KL, in Sg here.

Spotted this double decker bus on the road.

It’s common to say that the food in Sg is a twice of Msia. But the hotel food is even costlier.

On the first day training, we woke up early for breakfast first. After that, we headed to SMU for the class.

The lesson that been taught over was related to Market Risk, in 2 days straight.

This photo was taken at SMU 3rd floor.

On the second night. I asked my ex-colleague, Calvin for meet up. We met at shopping mall around Bugis MRT station. We talked until 11pm, wish to stay longer but unable to do so, as the MRT station will close before 12am, hence I had to take cab back to hotel. Do not want to take this risk mah.

On the third night, I’m not going anywhere. I decided to stay alone and had snack as my dinner. So bo liao took my phone screen showing SingTel mobile phone network. Haha.

Went back to Msia on 26th night, the next day, at 8pm flight.

Actually, I’m late for it, so I took the shuttle flight, and it’s all depends on the seat availability. I managed to be ‘seated’ at SIA instead of MAS which I took when I came here. Whoa…so lucky.

Overall, it’s not a holiday trip and it’s what I should expected. Second, I don’t have to spent much for such long 4d3n trip. Most expenses covered by the dept. Appreciate it that they sent me over there at the right time and the right mood. Thank you.