Redang Island – Laguna Redang Resort

Laguna Redang Island Resort

29-31 March 2007

Planned this vacation half year ago with my friends, is one of the best vacation I had so far. Is top of my favorite place to visit. This resort located in one of the best beach with fine powder-white sand and crystal clear water called Laguna Redang Island Resort.

This 3 days 2 nights package included of:

-: 2 nights accommodation (aircond, bathroom attached & hot shower)
-: Meals : 2 Breakfast / 2 Lunch / 1 Dinner / 1BBQ Dinner
-: 1 free Marine Park snorkelling trip
-: 2 free deep sea snorkelling trip
-: Return boat transfer (Merang jetty-Resort)

Best for couple who wanted a romantic places to get on hand.

The white sand can feel soft on your palm.

A colorful building used in the Hong Kong movie “Summer Holiday” starring Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng had rose to fame. Fans of the movie come from far to visit the location.

The Recreation Center provides snorkeling equipment rental, underwater photography services and also houses a massage center. Pool tables and a variety of indoor and board games are also available.

Sang Suria Restaurant – An open concept restaurant with charming surroundings of manicured gardens and the blue sea. Serves a wide buffet spread of local oriental cuisine.

The pool is set amidst lush landscaped gardens.

The modern architecture based on Malay traditional artwork.

It’s blends harmoniously with the environment.

Our deluxe room is facing the natural green forest.

A Trip to Redang Island

Redang Island is one my top travel list and its beach is freaking awesome. It has caused my addiction to beach holiday in other places. Well, here is the chronological trip for 3 days 2 night.

29th March 2007

I can’t sleep because I had to wake up damn early, 3am. Took the bus at 4am, reach airport at 5.30am, check-in at 6.15am and flight at 7am. Had to sacrifices for something good to be happen.

AirAsia flight from KL-Kuala Terengganu. Reach by 8am in 50 minutes. Package included transport from airport-jetty-resort.

Boat transfer from jetty to island took about 45 minutes.

Wow, the only word that can be said when you see the beach. It’s lunch time anyway. We check-in after that, and been informed for the snorkeling at 2.45pm.

Goggles, life jacket and marine park reservation ticket shall purchased before the activity started. Cost me RM25.

All of us are ready with first time snorkeling under such hot weather. Going by boat to snorkeling area for 20 minutes. Peoples get into water one by one to snorkel. This only lasted for an hour.

Having no idea what is snorkeling, just blindly follow what has been planned.

Get ready with jacket life and goggles. I have no worry or fear about it. I know all peoples who were together with us have to jump into water to see fish.

Going by speedboat about 20 minutes. The journey quite boring, but excited. I didn’t bring camera for first snorkeling, only for second time.

Manage to get a picture for myself. About an hour we spent our time floating on the water. Didn’t buy the picture from the resort which offered to take your picture underwater.

Chen Hon. Never promise him that could get this picture from my underwater film camera because this camera already expired in 2004.

Ivan and his gf. Couldn’t recognize you with goggle on la.

Flushhhhh….they told me to take their picture in that way. But anyway, only 2 persons captured. Ivan, you’re out of the picture already.

After snorkeling, we changed and get ready for delicious dinner.

I enjoy the meal so much after high energy consumed activity.

Some slept early, which I am one of them. Hehe. Some went for beach walk.

30th March 2007

Woke up at 6am just to watch the sun rise. End up nothing because of the thick cloud.

Rested at the bench until 7am for breakfast.

We’re going to had another snorkeling at 9.30am. Enjoy too much hence up a lot of energy. Feel hungry.

Time for meal (lunch) again.

We had some photo sessions after lunch. Didn’t aware that it’s time for snorkeling again. We’re heading to Marine Park. Build purposely for the corals and fishes. The water is damn clear.

My third snorkeling trip. The weather is quite hot. After the lunch, we found that snorkeling time is up again. I was very excited by then.

As usual, we had to be brief before going out.

We’re getting to the fast engine boat.

We bypassed some other boats with our extreme speed.

Marine Park built by government to reserve the corals and fishes from pollution and and it’s become a tourist spot for any Redang holiday. We can get closer to the coral life. So fantastic.

The water is damn clear. More clear than your water pipes. Water quality almost perfect with zero pollution.

Peoples from different resorts came to this place.

Whoa, this is simply gorgeous.

You see and think that the water is so shallow ar? No. It’s more than 6 feet from the water level.

To get fish, you have to feed them with bread. They will only comes to your hand and bite you. Haha.

See the fish near by them?

It’s even nearer when I feed them bread. This is my hand.

Another friend of mine, Suet Li have fishes swim around her. I already fall in love with this place. I would like to come again soon with other friends.

After getting back to resort, we had to prepare for dinner. The whole second day seems to be repeated but I just fine.

Beach-walking after the meal is a norm. You can choose to return to your room.

Since got nothing to do, I had nothing to lose. Walk around for nothing under romantic night. Wasted.

31st March 2007

Woke up early in the morning, hope to see sun rise. But, there was nothing to see.

Soon after the breakfast, we decided to play volleyball. It’s so fun, sand getting splash like water. There was countless fall onto the soft sand by me.

About 10.30am, we packed our things. By 11.30am, we all check-out and went for lunch buffet.

About 1am, we transfered out by boat. Our Redang trip ended once we reached Kuala Terengganu.

Could you see my red face? Too much sunlight exposed, feel nothing.

We brought around the town by bus to kill our spare time. Our flight is at night, that’s why.

At 7pm, the bus heading to airport for our flight at 9.20pm. The flight had delayed about 20 minutes, and we reached KL at 10.40pm. Reached home about 1.15am. A wonderful trip with good memories. A totally worth trip. Would be back again. Yo!

I had plan in my mind now. Will be there again this coming June 07, not same place of course, but Lang Tengah Island. Another island isolated not far from Redang.