Port Dickson – Team Building Part 2

Continue from part 1…

Team Building 2007: Rest

After the water rafting activity, all of us went back to our dorm. Again, problem started. Gals must be given priority to use the bathroom first for one hour. Some of us rather go to the male dorm’s bathroom for quick wash. For those who wanted to cool down can jump into water polo game.

Taken near by the pool side.

Team Building 2007: Dinner and free and easy

Dinner was served at 7pm onwards.

Buffet dinner as usual and after that is your free time. There were many personal activities going on such as drinking, poker, seafood and fruit. I joined the fruit eating and we drove outside the resort along the route to town.

Danny reminded me that I shouldn’t take durian after a cup of alcohol…so my favorite fruits gone liao. However, majority would prefer mangosteen and rambutans than durian. So no issue.

We get back to the resort at 11pm. While some are still partying with alcohol, I went to sleep. Only 3 peoples out of 20 peoples in my dorm sleep around 12am. Haha. The rest still enjoying.

Team Building 2007: The next day

At 6am, peoples started wake up already because our breakfast start at 7am. I noticed that most of them put a hard effort to wake up due to yesterday sleep too late, I think around 2-3am.

Treasure Hunt is our next activity, based on team again. We’re given a piece of paper indicating the name of the place. We need to look the items that written in the paper. Collect all items and bring back to the venue and whoever come back first will be the winning team.

Are we look like a winning team? Nope, we’re the third team who reached back to the starting point. Haha.

Team Building 2007: Obstacle Course

Okay, the last activity and the most exciting part, Obstacle Course. Each of the team, total of four team, need to send out their best 10 members. I’m the one.

We’re given a briefing for all obstacles that we’re going to go through. Not that tough, but need to withstand the dirtiness and roughness. Anyway, lets picture do the talking…haha.

Fun and challenge. YaY!

We’re last based on completion time but we’re satisfied because we showed a great teamwork here. We hardly go for another obstacle until all of our members get done with existing one. That’s why.

After the result being announced, everybody moves to clean up, again, bla bla bla, bathroom occupied, I moved to the other dorm.

We’re presented a prize giving session after check-out. Whoever has registered the additional games such flying fox, paint ball, go-kart and archery, they need to stay from 1-3pm.

I chiao at 1pm from Port Dickson and reach home at 5pm. A great trip afterall.