Port Dickson – Team Building Part 1

Eagle Ranch Resort, Port Dickson

28-29 July 2007

Team Building 2007: Introduction

This is my first team building trip since I joined this bank. The last one was organized almost three years ago. The location this time is at Port Dickson, only 2 hours drive from KL.

28 July 2007 – First day

1:00 pm – Arrival of all participants
1:30 pm – Debrief
1:40 pm – Mid Year Review meeting
3:20 pm – Check in
3:40 pm – Evening tea break
4:00 pm – Water rafting
6:30 pm – Rest
7:30 pm – Dinner
8:30 pm – Free & Easy

29 July 2007 – Second day

6:30 am – Morning call
7:30 am – Breakfast
8:00 am – Treasure hunt, Obstacle course
11:00 pm – Rest and check out
12:00 pm – Lunch and Prize giving
1:00 pm – Additional activities (End)

Team Building 2007: Getting There

I follow Jiann Huei‘s car since it’s very likely that only the transport that is convenient. My car is unable to take full load for smooth ride.

We’re given car allowance of RM20 per pax. We started from Cyberjaya where we’re having our breakfast first. At 10am, we started our journey.

Our whole journey is pretty fun and enjoy. We stopped by Seremban town for lunch before heading towards Port Dickson.

We reached Eagle Ranch Resort around 1.45pm, slightly late because unexpected traffic jam in Port Dickson road. The location is not easy to find, however, we’re able to reach the destination with banner direction.

Reception counter.

Team Building 2007: Arrival of Participants

We’re not the last one who reached there even though the debrief session already started. It discussed on the itinerary and team arrangement. I’m in Team 1.

After briefing, the room leader took the key and lead us to our dormitory. Even the distance is quite far, no people there are complaining.

Our trip have more than 100 peoples, divided into 4 large dorms, 2 mini dorms and few bungalow rooms.

This is how our dorm look like from outside and inside.

Each dorm can fit 20 peoples with double decker bed. Male and female are staying in different dorm in opposite.

However, we’re sharing the same bathroom which is look like below.

Guys have no issue for bathroom sharing because we’re done quite fast. Gals have issues especially the door can’t cover completely from outside. Big issue!!! Many reasons given to deny us from using the bathroom. Sigh. They had put a ‘guard’ outside and alert that somebody is using the bathroom.

Finally, we’re agreed with one hour time for gals and their priority is first whenever we get back to the dorm. (except for normal use).

I don’t see big issue for sharing bathroom as long as we don’t disturb other people business. Taller girls seems to have big issue with shower cubicle after all. Haha.

Team Building 2007: Water Rafting

Water rafting comes first at around 4pm. We need to follow our own team for this activity. At first, I have no idea what is this all about.

Ohhhh….like that. Before start, we had a tea break first. Some are wandering around the beach.

Relaxing around the beach is fun.

We’re gather before start building ourselves.

Even though we’re not the winning team, we actually the first team who reached the ground first.

To be continue …