Port Dickson BBQ Trip

On the way back to 4th December 2005

I should blog this wonderful trip in back then, due to ‘no-picture‘ and also the pictures was with them, I’m unable to do so. Well, I got the pictures now….and I want to blog about it. Hope it’s not too late.

Remember that this trip was way back to last year. Bravo.

Journey started!!!

We started our trip quite late, about 6pm. Upon reached, already 7pm something… the sun started to set liao…fuh. I was driving my new car back then…pack full of peoples of 4. Economy trip. We paid equally for fuel and toll fees.

Waaalaoo...reaching 140kmph…consider as speeding loh…sori-lo… times was getting late la. Please be understood a little bit. Furthermore, the road is quite free…so can’t danger other ppl also.

We immediately look for BBQ stove and started the fire as it was already 8pm….all of us were getting hungry ar..hehe. “Quick quick…where is the fire starter… faster take to me”, he eagerly waiting for it.

Our friends are helping to blow the fire to burn the hell so that everybody can eat. Hey friends, give us a cheeeseee! *snap*. LOL

OMG!! What the heck you guys doing????? Start the fire in this way?? No way we can do in 21st century. So silly la.. You must be joking.. dang!!!

The girls help to organize the table with foods….waiting guys to start the fire. So what next…grilllllllllll….*cough* .. haze.

Just for fun…..first time expose my sis’s in my blog. Baby Milo t-shirt…LOL

Group pictures finally…..don’t you think we are so happy in this pix?? Total of 12 peoples in this trip. I was in the back because I was shy away from camera.. lol.

We also spotted some racing cars that also came for same purpose…BBQ. Woahhh…those cars came from Singapore based on car’s plate number.

NBTD (Nothing better to do). After the meal…we got into bitching beaching mood…night beach walking…Some were walking, some were doing nothing (see above), some were catching ‘creatures’, and me? NBTD-lo.

There’re some creatures spotted on the spot we walked through. Wow.

Goah….creatures roaring…ugly ducky…dunno what’s the name….its look like ‘umang-umang‘. Dunno la.

Wow…mini-octopus. First time saw this. AMAZING!! I touched it and its ‘hand’ sticks on my finger. Errr….dunno how t describes the feeling. Itchy..gua.

Anyways..just a cute octopus (Isn’t we taught that octopus is a huge creature in the sea?). How they manage to find this on the beach??

Urgggh…another creatures again…mini-crabbies. No comment. But it’s just funny to collect those on the beach. Even we step into them; they just manage to alive…buahhaaa. No-easy-to-die..lol.

…… 1am oledi lo…….get back to apartment.

Can’t sleep…so play poker and who ever lose must drink (beer). Since the game was so fun, we played until the next morning. I slept at 5am because I need to drive in the next day.

While some of them just went back to beach to see sunrise.

Morning touch!! Nice view of beach. That’s where our BBQ took place. Can’t see ar…I zoom into bigger view liao.

The swimming pool was fully occupied by children. It’s on school holiday anyways…so no surprise. *wink wink*

Bye bye to Port Dickson…till we back again next time.