Penang Island – Fly to

Penang Island (Pulau Pinang)

On the way back to 13th January 2007

In conjunction with the Visit Malaysia 2007, my first roll-out plan is Visit Penang 2007. Had planned this 2 months ago where I booked ticket from Air Asia for RM0.99 only. A person only cost RM82 on return air ticket.

Since now everyone can fly, it’s my first time fly here. All the flight and accommodation expenses bear by me for my whole family of four.

My first time taking my parents for a new experience of trip and it becomes a topic for them when others people asked them how they spend holiday lately, “Oh…my son taking me to Penang trip last month with Air Asia.” It’s just made me proud..hehe.

The departure time from KL to PG is 11.10am. We reached there too early liao..around 8am by Sky Bus (RM9 per person). Wahhh….next time must not too early. Okla..walk around LCCT area.

Arrivals and departure board. Route to Kota Kinabalu that time was delay due to minor technical glitch at the KK airport. It was reported on newspaper on the next day.

All the way from KL to PG via airport transportation is new to me and I have to learn everything myself. Before hand, I had asked some of my friends who has experienced.

LCCT Emporium, a place similar to grocery but the stuffs there are more expensive. So, better fully prepare of your grocery stuffs at your own before came here.

Myself on that day. Only carried a light bag, tried to eliminated unnecessary stuffs.

Already on the airplane seat. Taken this picture from windows…why year 2003 and not 2007?

Yo! Flying at very high altitude. Feel comfortable, no sign of feel of pressure of anythings like what I heard before from my relatives. Umm….maybe not enough high.

It took 50 minutes to reach Penang, equivalent time for me to reach Cyberjaya from home. So fast and save lots of time.

Once we reached Penang airport, I rent a car. And it’s cheaper than taking cab. We took Proton Wira 1.3M where I am the driver. My sister is a navigator. My parents obviously is a passenger waiting to be taken around the Penang.

Car rent cost RM89 perday and not included petrol. Overall we only used RM20 for petrol when we returned the car.

The first destination we stopped by is Snake Temple, where it’s very near the airport. It’s not a must visit place in my list because what I saw is remain unchanged since on my last visit 10 years ago.

I could only see some snakes in certain area only which I think is not enough.

An old shop lot in George Town when we passed over in front of Komtar building.

Penang town actually is a very busy town. By driving around, I could at least catch a glimpse of the town at rough way.

Komtar tower is known as the highest building in Penang. Its shopping mall is getting stranded, not many shop lot can surviving with less customers. Seems like penangites prefered in another tourist popular destinatation, Plaza Gurney at Gurney Drive.

We chosen Evergreen Laurel Hotel near Gurney Drive at RM190 per night. I didn’t compare with other hotel as long as it’s within my budget. Most important, it’s located at the most popular food hunting place. Haha.

Next destination after check-in was Kek Lok Si temple. Time was too rush for us then.

Not many peoples around. Perhaps it’s late evening already. No jam and no big crowd. Umm…good or not.

We noticed there is another place to visit but we have to take the crane up to higher level. But have to pay RM4 each person to take the crane.

It’s look like a crane lift. Moving too slow.

Pig, one of the twelve animal outside the temple.

Pig stone bench. Cute mah?

Monkey stone bench. How could we let such cute animal hold the bench for us to sit? LOL

The view from where we reached at the top.

Kek Lok Si temple view. It’s my art, where I often saw this in postcard.

A group of statue of Buddha. Look so harmony.

A close-up of Bougainvillaea.

A self-shot family photo at Kek Lok Si.

Plaza Gurney, located at Gurney Drive. The wind blowing from the sea can ease your mind from stress. Sat there for an hour before taking dinner again. I ate twice at 6.30pm and 10pm at two different place.

There are so many food stalls along the Gurney Drive. It’s hard to decide what to eat. With Penang being one of the most multi-cultural areas in the world, it’s not surprising the local delicacies also include what some may call a ‘fusion of food’.

The most famous of suchis the Nyonya food, or better described as a marriage between the Chinese and Malay style of cooking.

Try out the Hokkien prawn noodles (Hokkien Mee), fried rice noodles (Char Koay Teow), dumplings (Dim Sum) and spring rolls (Poh Piah).

Day 2 (14th January 2007)

In the next day, we have to depart from Penang to KL at 2.50pm. After check-out at 10am, we made our way to Dim Sum restaurant for breakfast.

We were having a very delicious dim sum, and it’s not expensive and satisfactory. Thinking of getting there to eat again. Woah…no pictures to show cuz too obsessed with the food then.

I decided to take a look at beach area whereas it’s still early for the departure.

Well, I felt the sensation of the beach. Town trip isn’t that excited as beach trip. Ok…next time.

White sand beach. Really driven me to enjoy the realm of beauty.

See what I got here. A dead star fish. You know, this is a real dead star fish which can be seen easily.

At 1.30pm, we all waiting at the departure hall to KL. Then, it’s time to fly.

Woohoo…time was so limited…not enough…still got many places not yet visited. Next time again yea and I will be back. LOL.