PC Fair I 2010

The first edition of PC Fair 2010 held @ KL Convention Centre recently draw a huge crowd as the economy recovered. Many buyers are willing to spend money on ICT and related gadget to catch up latest trend and requirements. It’s a good place for technology hunting as well as for social purpose (meet pretty babes promoter).

PC Fair I 2010

16 – 18 April 2010

I’d prepare a shopping list before continue with my support to PC Fair. I’m still support those promoters especially the young, tall and fair skin babes by appreciate their presence. So I can assured that you won’t out from this fair without any pictures of them. Here there are …

Professional photographer normally have a complete set with extra lens and flash gun. They’re able to adjust to the situation and captures the best details of those babes. Mine still with my original kit set of DSLR. The results are decent photos with decent look. Hope you enjoy looking these.

Babe from online game boothportraying some characters

Babe from AntiVir boothjust have a glimpse

Babe from Kasperskynever fought less to outshine [by DarkOne]

Babe from Hibikiifair skin [by DarkOne]

Kingston babebarbie look alike [by DarkOne]

Babe fromsome where booth [by DarkOne]

Finally, a choice from DeXXy.Net Babe. Last edition, it was won by AntiVir babes.

The first edition of the yearfall to Sony Babe

Ok, let’s come back to my shopping list now. I managed to explore the fair for 2 days during the weekend. I drive and park at KLCC car park which cost me RM9.20 & RM4.00 for few hours. If you plan to walk for half a day, better park somewhere else (per day parking) or public transport. Unless you plan to purchase a big bulk printer or accessories.

My hunting & purchased list:

1)    Samsung G2 500GB 2.5’, RM260

2)    DSLR Lens 50mm, f1.8 asking price RM380 (KIV)

3)    Maxis Broadband, RM48 monthly

4)    SAN Disk USB Drive 4GB, RM29 (it was a birthday gift by DarkOne)

5)    GPS WayWay (Papago preloaded), RM779

Broadband war as usual with Maxis wasn’t so aggressive with their so called lowest RM48 per month (with free modem) campaign. Due to this, many attracted to this offer compare to other noisy and loud yelling Streamyx, P1, Celcom and Amax. Digi was offering their best short term discount (6 months) and less aggressive. I’ve not been irked by these broadband war because I’m looking for one.

This round, I went back with full load on hands, for myself, not for friends.

Let’s see below:

Samsung G2 2.5’ 500GB

My first non-clone hard disk from well budget branded Samsung @ RM260 only. One can buy separate without casing (clone type) @ RM245, but less value if I get the casing separately, which will cost me roughly RM40. A great deal anyway, a small compact size is fit into pocket very well and quite durable.

FYI, here are my previous purchase of all 2.5’ hard disk (collections):

2005 – Samsung 60GB @ RM 360 (no case, sold)

2006 – Western Digital 120GB @ RM 370 (no case, spoilt)

2008 – Western Digital 250GB @ RM 299 (no case, sold)

2009 – Western Digital 320GB @ RM 208 (no case, in use)

2010 – Samsung G2 500GB @ RM 260 (with case, in use)

My next target will be 1TB (will wait)

Maxis Broadband

Lowest monthly fees is RM48 which provide 1.5 GB of data transfer. Opted this for external usage and non-download commitment. It’s very useful to take out to anywhere you go to get connected. Previously I used RM88 (from Digi) with 10GB of data transfer. Too costly for fair usage. Not mine actually.

I’m still maintain my lovable fixed line Streamyx 1Mbps line @ RM75 for unlimited download.

SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Drive (4GB)

Unexpected gift from DarkOne at last minute shopping. Indeed, he know my shopping list earlier on and insisted to buy me this small gift to me. Very nice. He got himself one as well. When I look back since in the past, we always purchase many identical stuff, such as mouse, earphone, hard disk, camera and etc. Our taste is quite similar when comes to technology wise.


My top wanted gadget of the year is always a Slim and Sleek GPS device with 4.3” screen. It’s preloaded with Papago! navigation software. The device is full features with touch screen, 3D navigation, multi-language support, multimedia player, FM transmitter, games, removable battery, micro-SD slot and powered by ARM II CPU 500MHz.

I couldn’t find any better GPS when they come with full maps of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia. Definitely a add-on value for my upcoming trip to Indonesia and Thailand next year.

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