Melaka Town Tour 2008

All these years, I spent to many places in Malaysia. The only place that I’ve much fate associated is Melaka. I did few trip there and my so called annual trip in year 2008 was during National Day.

Melaka Town Tour 2008

30 – 31 August 2008

Almost every year I did my Melaka Town Tour until I realized that it had lead to a very important turn around in my life. I met my life girlfriend from Melaka. No, no, no. I didn’t purposely get a Melaka¬† girlfriend , but so coincidence I was fate to ‘marry’ or better say associate with Melaka permanently.

From now on, I can organize as many trip as I want to Melaka, more than annually. Average, since I found myself The One, I’d visited Melaka average 4-5 times per year. Hence, yearly town tour for every year don’t work anymore. I’d to name something interesting whenever I did a visit to Melaka.

As the title suggested, I was visited Melaka for a main purpose. To meet my girlfriend’s parent for first time, after 3 months of get together. I know this was lame, but it’s gotta to be done no matter how. As the news spread so widely, the eagerness to see the person is high.

Nothing could be complete without a tour to Melaka town during my stay in her parent’s house. Soon after I met them and have lunch with them, I drove out to the town for fun. She told me she wanted to bring me around her hometown even though I told her that I’d much familiar with Melaka. Haha.

It was a hot day and nice weather. We had a long walk around. Yes, a walk to show how passionate we were during dating.

Not going to miss out this, we stopped at Capitol Satay. It was my first time eating at here even though I’d been to Melaka so many times. My impression to this place was so-so until I recognize this place as highly regarded tourist spot.

In a short of time, the place was in a long queue. I’m wondering.

After completed our early dinner of satay celup, we stopped by at a famous A’ Famosa. Since it was a first time I came with her to Melaka, she brought me to every important landmark in Melaka. From the moment onwards, I’d become addicted to Melaka tourism.

Again, our night famous spot of course is Jonker Walk. As expected, a crowded built upon the busy street of Melaka with all varieties stall selling goodies, souvenirs and food. It’s like night market, but more advanced night market ever found elsewhere.

Our day trip town tour ended at 11.00pm.

* written on 17 Dec 2010, 2 years after.