Melaka Town Tour 2007

Melaka, A Historical City

8 December 2007

By looking at this photograph taken, you will think about reading some review about Melaka, right? No, I just use it as a profile photo only. Not bad my photography skill.

Ok. Back to the last week, I was in Melaka for colleague wedding dinner. Our entire IT Dept has been invited and majority of us have no problem attend it. We all decided to book a room nearby there, but we all know the weekend rate is killing our pocket, so we decided to stay nearby Jonker street.

Finally, Danny found Baba House Hotel which is a budget hotel. Consider cheap at price of RM120 for a night. Three of us share in one room and we only pay RM40 per room. Breakfast is ala western (bread and butter with coffee).

It has the 30s feel when you see the main door.

But you feel in 90s when you entered at the back.

Inside the House, you can see some antique furniture that still kick ‘alive’ in use.

The room is build on modern with antique furniture except the bed.

Soon after check-in, some of us are lazy to go out for walk. But me, Adam and Teh are keen on going to Melaka A-Famosa to spent our time before dinner.

The fortress is used by Portuguese to defend from enemy. It’s called A-Famosa. What’s left today is just the entrance walls, still well preserved till today.

On top of St. Paul’s Hill is the St. Paul’s Church, once the prayer house of the Portuguese Catholics, then turned into burial ground for their noble dead by the Dutch.

Muzium UMNO is store all the historical stories and stuffs of UMNO during the old days.

Sungai Melaka (Melaka River) is one of the latest tourist spot.

The trishaws that ply for hire in Malacca (Melaka), one of Malaysia’s most attractive cities, are works of art, adorned as they are with bells and baubles and chrome.

I never take trishaw before because I prefer to use my leg to walk around.

Well, we headed to Mahkota Parade by car. During that time, the PC Fair is running. Woah, I attended two PC fair at different place at the same time. It was so unlucky that Adam’s car that park far from the Mahkota Parade get the summon.

Around 7.30pm, we reached the restaurant for dinner, but we get lost, go round and round. Finally we reach at 8pm.

New wedding for the couple and the rest of their families on the stage for ‘yam seng’.

Always be the first dish to get on the table.

The meaty dish ia always the most ’selling fast’.

It’s night of getting drunk. So, Adam getting drunk after dinner. He purposely to make because he just break up with her gf two month ago.

He vomitted outside his car and he couldn’t drive at all. We all drive her back put him on the bed. I myself also drink a lot until I feel dizzy and put myself zig-zag during walking. Haha. I didn’t vomit so it not a big deal. Haha. Feel good. I dared myself to walk at Jonker Street until midnight with such condition.

In the early morning, we all go for breakfast provided by hotel. For lunch, we all go for famous chicken rice ball nearby Jonker street.

The trip ended when we back to KL in the afternoon. Good trip!