Melaka Night View 2011

Among many places I went to, Melaka still offers me the best revisiting destination. I’ve done many places in daylight, it’s time to move to night time. That’s what I called Melaka Night View.

Melaka Night View @ Befallen Light of the City

Due to I’m not really into night explorer of the street, there will be no review about any happening elsewhere in Melaka. Instead, I’ll be presenting a series of photographs taken at night, especially the Melaka River.

My short weekend in Melaka normally more happening during daylight, but caught unaware of such a beautiful sight at night. In fact, places like Melaka River Cruise could offer a lot of dancing lights when you follow along the way from river side.

Let’s the picture do the talking now.

In fact, Melaka River must NOT be missed when comes to night tour. It’s offered splendid colorful light and throwing entire city into light of the city.

Cruise along the riverboat service available

Having a walk at night was definitely a way to relax your mind and enjoy the cold breeze blowing to you. I went around the Jonker Street area, and then proceed to Melaka River and settlement along the river. Not forgotten that the pedestrian walkway has offered bench to sit after a long walk.

I spotted many people take the golden opportunity to date their partner here. And this is quite a safe place for anyone to walk past and certain places were quite happening at night.

Mini Ferris wheela small place for family entertainment

Jonker Streetcolorful street

Stage performancean attraction for tourism

Although the befallen night was quite a wonderful one. I’ve indeed explore the night view compare to night life where I’m not into it. If you used to think Melaka is always related to historical places, I guess you have to add one more relation here, for the night view.

You can choose to stay at Casa Del Rio Melaka to enjoy the night view and surrounding.

It’s a new hotel located by side of Melaka River.

I love Melaka Night View. Do you?


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