Melaka New Year 2006

On the way back to 1st Jan 2006

I had a short trip to Melaka with my ex-colleagues (same group with Port Dickson BBQ). A day before this trip, I had BBQ countdown night with my current colleague. The busy and tight schedule made me so excited for several days. So long never feel such feeling.

However, I worked on 1st Jan 2006 morning. Therefore, I couldn’t joined them as early as 10am. Since, I can’t joined them in early trip, my sister informed me that they’re already reached there at 2pm. I managed to join them as late as 6pm onwards, after work. Sigh.

** Rain heavily…never been in such bad weather. So loud!!

The weather rather bad when I started my journey there, and it’s rained heavily. I took the KL-Seremban Highway to Melaka toll station exit. It cost me RM15 one way. Damn expensive.

Although I was late but I still placed a hope to enjoy this trip. I was all alone throughout the journey to Melaka town.

Finally, I saw the hotel that we stayed. It’s Century Mahkota Hotel.

** Soon after I reached there, I parked my car.

I know they were already back from Melaka town walk-to-street session. Some of them even slept for to ease tiredness… dang.. really feel bad!! Never mind, they, however, still had planned on night mode.

Some of them were watching TV. I was just doing nothing there. Took out my new digicam, and captured them. Haha. Bo Liao.

** Nothing better to do…watch TV and wait dinner time.

Actually this is first time I am using my new camera Casio Ex-S600 for the trip. Quickly took the scenery outside the hotel. Too bad, the sky is getting dark.

** Sky is getting dark…..woah…can’t take pix nicely lo. Never mind, try in the next morning.

I share with 12 peoples, so each of us only paid RM35 for accommodation. So cheap la… 🙂

At sharp at 7.30pm….yo, hunt for food!! We planned to go to ChinaTown in Melaka. I have no idea actually, so I followed the person who experienced in the town route.

** This pedestrian bridge is so unique…I have no time to figure out where to get into pedestrian bridge and getting out..Chao!

Different peoples got different taste when comes to food. We find our food by ourselves and meet up in certain place after food hunting. We went through lots of food stall. Each of the shop there decorated so unique, matched with the historical old town image.

Furthermore, there were lots of shop selling souvenirs to attract travelers. It’s normal but I found their souvenirs are so creative and even though I never saw before. Suppose this is one of the uniqueness of China Town of Malacca.

I forgot to take picture of my own food.. hehe. This is ABC Cendol desert. I ate Nasi Lemak with watermelon juice.

** It’s a simple yet unique food stall that we entered. I like the paint color…red for the whole building.

** Best Nyonya Laksa?? Dunno… cuz I don’t eat laksa

After dinner meal, we walked along the street. I noticed the street was loud with performer on-stage sang Chinese oldies. Woah… feel so nostalgia there.

Am I belong to this period of time? Umm..30s, 50s or 60s. 😀

Okay, came back to 21st century now….after long walk, finally we went back to hotel and enjoy the panaroma of the hotel.

Can’t resist to enjoy it at the side of swimming pool. Well, mosquitoes were around and bite me. Damn you for spoils me.

You guess what, we are actually separated during our dinner time. A part of them went to seafood and also Karaoke. The group of k-oke brought back an-unfinished Whisky and we finished it during poker session (again). Really can’t resist the temptation of alcohol. Sigh.

I slept that night. Not like last time stayed until 5am. Crazy.. I know some of them never sleep because they gamble until morning. Up to them la.

…..At wee hour in the morning….

** Our hotel apartment view.

** Swimming pool view.

** This is an obvious was a spy view on sexy girl..

** Wow…can you see? The cruise can be seen here clearly. My next target!! Cruise trip. Argg..still depends whether can make it or not. Duh.

** This is not a sea view, but a water pond cause by land-extension with sand. There was a clearly view of shophouses being build along with the seaside…with development project.

I took the breakfast voucher that included in this hotel room package. Only 4 of us can only eat there. Most of them choose to eat outside, so I got chance to eat ‘inside’ hotel. Yooooo…buffet breakfast.

I managed to fill up 3 times until my stomach full…Good service from the food catering.

In the afternoon, we walked around the town before ending our trip.

** Spotted a weird car.

** A very popular destination *must visit*

** In front of the church.

** A Famosa’s monument

** Group pictures… I was shy away from camera, that’s why.

Yo…. times getting too fast. Time to wave to Melaka trip. It’s not a complete trip as we left out A Famosa resort cowboy town located out of town. Not enough time la… Till next time.. ok.