Melaka A-Famosa Resort 2006

16th September 2006

Treasure Hunt just happened last week, this week I am on Melaka A Famosa trip. I joined a group of my university friends of 8 persons. Some of them are friend’s friends. Okay..better know more friends this way.

Actually I had been to A Famosa ThemePark in year 2003. I went with my parent that time.

This is more special because I am leading them to the destination. I drive and we agreed to share the expenses. I spent RM150 for the whole trip from KL – A Famosa – Melaka Town – KL. Included everythings, food, entrance fees, transportation, and so on.

We started our trip at 8.15am, reached there about 9.30am. We travel about 100km to Alor Gajah exit. Once we reached, we went for breakfast first before heading to A Famosa Animal World Safari.

The entrance fee is RM35 per person excluded lunch set.

Wishing well, I throw 10 cents and wish my secret wish..LOL.

The first things we headed to is Truck Station where we all will be cage into the trunk for animal viewing pleasure. They must thought, “Damn human, now you feel how we feel when we caged in the cage, we laugh at you. Haha“.

We lined up and it took 30 minutes to get onto truck.

That’s what we saw on the way. The best pictures are hard to capture as we’re in the ‘cage’.

When we entered the walk-through area, we feel that we enter the Zoo. On my left side, there is a pond with group of flamingo, the flocking thin-stick-walk-around.

On my right, ‘wu lei jing’ (bitch) are lining up for us when we came near. So cute.

Then, Bird Show is going on at 12pm. We rush there and manage to get a seat. This show is about the bird flying from left and from right. Enter the ring and also pick up the cash from audiences. Speaking and singing birthday song. Haha.

They had trained for this. Need to pay if you want to take photo with them.

I feel nothing special but peoples still clapping. Haha. I know they tried hard to make the show interesting.

After the show, we want to jump and down like monkey, so we want to show them we’re the imitation of them. LOL. We finally enter the monkey island. Muahhhhhaahaa.

We gotta take this boat to there.

And I saw you staring at me like this. What do you want?

And just wanted to tell you that your head is so bald. ‘Sun Wu Kong’ generation?

On the way back to ‘human’ island from monkey island. Haha.

Yo…finally our group picture here.

Another one..hehe.

Our lunch is very expensive. RM12 for this chicken rice set and one tin of drink.

Sharp at 2.15pm, we headed to Wild Wild West Show. A show with loud bang.

Quite entertain and funny.

Multi animal show at 3pm. At this time, felt tired after so many shows.

This is where we entered the “Chicken farm”. The most interesting was not looking at ‘chicks’ from various countries, but those little chicks. See on my hand.

Cute is it. Their feathers are soooo soft, clean and yellowish. Made me wanna kiss her. Her? How I know? Dunno.

There’re many more you can play with. Take it and snap it all you want. But don’t step on it ar..Huh.

It’s last place before we straight forward to our resort for pre-dinner. We gotta cook ourselves. No maid, no parents nor your spouse cook for you.

At 8pm, we entered the COWBOY TOWN.

First of all, Red Indian Show at 8.30pm.

Fire blowing…cool. But repeated too many times until sien.

After this, we head to Carnival Animal Musical Parade.

The animal run too fast, so can’t capture the pictures clearly. Chicken, bird, horse, tiger and so on. Elephant is good. They dance in front of you. Haha.

But the human show is the best. The walk slowly and let you judge them. Haha.

Again, Red Indian in the show.

The last show before everyone sped off to exit gate. Nice firework show. No disappointed.

Get back to resort and sleep lo. What else can do?? Everyone seems tired after so many hours walking, walking and walking.

Only 2 beds, and we share lo. See everybody next day. We’re gone to Melaka Town in the morning.