Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi 2009

Khoo Kongsi is a large Chinese clan house in Penang. This famous fantastic architecture is one of the city’s major historic attractions located in Cannon Square of George Town.

Khoo Kongsi

My visit to Khoo Kongsi has widen my fascination about ancient architecture. It was indeed a stunning clan house that I ever seen.

The entrance fee is RM5 per person…huh…need to pay one? Yea…it was more expensive now, compare to RM3 last time. First time visit is worth to pay, however, second time onwards will feel boredom.

Majority of the shop houses inside are not open that day and well maintained. The original material of the building is still intact, in original form. No matter how it’s deteriorating, it’s keep clean.

The ancestors of the family are kept in order. The door left open, but we do not dare to enter…haunting feel. Hehe.

Rules and Regulations stated that you can’t do this and that. A very common rules such as no litter, no smoking, no pets, no food and no HANDPHONE switch on?? It’s surprising me.

Is mobile phone signal caused any problem in the house? Weird…if they want to keep the entire plan quiet and not noisy, they may just put, “Please lower the voice“. However, I do not see any of this sign inside and there’s no point of doing this. Haha.

The old shop houses are generally being seen at Melaka as well.

Khoo Kongsi Clan House! So big and grand. If you are a person that understand the sculpture design, it’s good to come here to make observation and go back doing your own.

The House is guarded by two guardians, particular one left and right. He is pretending to be The One. Salute.

Spotted another guardian along..wahahaha. Is it really a guardian or a fighter?

The Peace guardian is in mediation for The House, responsibly to catch away the bad spirit. Hehe.

A beauty and the guardian. Sound fishy. Haha.

Inside the temple itself, there is big wallpaper. Even it’s telling us a thousand meaning, I don’t even understand one. What a waste. Haiz.

The ground floor of the clan temple is not open for us. We do not have chance to look and understand more. The information given on this trip and tourist spot is so limited. We’re far from knowing its history and background because of this limitation.

I feel that RM5 is not worth the money, perhaps for building maintenance, I’m ok with it. I’m not sure whether there are occasionally some events at night or during festive season. If yes, they should promote more to outside.

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