Langkawi Island – Family Trip

On the way back to 29th April 2006

It has been a long time I haven’t been in tour by coach. By having this trip means its bring back my memories being relaxed and depends fully on tourist guide.

The package is actually 4 days 2 nights where inclusive of:

  • Return coach transfer Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis
  • Return ferry transfer Kuala Perlis to Kuah Jetty Langkawi
  • Return coach transfer from Kuah Jetty to hotel
  • Two nights accommodation at 3 stars hotel
  • Two daily hotel breakfast, and two dinner at local restaurant
  • Half day tour: Eagle’s Square, Bird Paradise, Galeria Perdana and Underworld Water

Not inclusive are the admission fees to all the entrance stated above and optional tour.

I didn’t participate in any option tour to The Real Nature Eagle Feeding and Marine Park Pulau Payar Snorkelling Tour due to my tight budget.

Day 1 (28th April 2006)

It’s counted as a day in this trip. The departure time was 8.30pm and the bus started the journey to Kuala Perlis at 9.00pm.

Along the route, we stopped at several stations for toilet-ing and light meal. The time taken to the destination was 6 hours plus. We finally arrived at 5am.

Day 2 (29th April 2006)

** Waiting for ferry departure at Kuala Perlis jetty.

** The sky still in dark when we getting into ferry. The journey took about an hour long.

This is Kuah Jetty where I stepped on. This is where my tour began. 🙂

We quickly rushed to Grand Continental Hotel as we could check-in in the morning. The first destination was set at 2pm, so everybody can get a nap first before going for lunch.

I managed to walk around the partial of the town to the nearest restaurant for lunch. Even though the town is small, the area is quite tidy.

So, what if I couldn’t get any food there? KFC still my choice. However, I refused to get in as KL got a lot of KFC, I get enough of it. I better choose something that KL won’t have it (at the moment).

KLG !!! What the heck with the imitation of KFC? It was comes into the mind when first time saw it. But it’s not my first time saw it. Haha.

KLG means “Kuai Le Gi”…means Chicken Happiness?? LOL

If you asked what was the taste. Was any difference? I will say, “Of course, eating this meal would make me happy, whereas, KFC would make me lick my finger.” Which one more tasteful?

Straight at 2pm, we headed our first place at Bird Paradise. Entrance fees is RM10.

** My first picture…but the park authorities apologize to the visitors because they’re upgrading the park, and some of the area are unaccessible.

** Who look like captured in the cage? Me or you?

First destination is Bird Paradise of Langkawi. It’s nothing more than seeing bird. You see them and they see you back. But the different is we can visit this park anytime even rainy day because visitors are covered fully with a roof-top unlike Bird Park in KL.

Flamingo. I always wonder how skinny their legs that can be easily broken? LOL

Parrot … Teach them talking please.

Speechless eagle.

Fountain … nice fake stone.

Mandarin Duck. I only seen in stamp before. I thought only China have this duck? Peking duck? Delicious and popular as peoples said.

Swan? I thought it’s only can be seen in somewhere else, not in Malaysia? Local swan? Why not white color?

Huh. Another question. I thought peacock should be colorful? Albino peacock on the display?

Our group seems wanted to buy liquor from bird park shop because it’s look so cheap. Since it’s our first location, it’s okay that we have this thought. Our tourist guide whispered that other place can get cheaper than here.

The next place we headed to was a traditional gamat shop where varities of ‘gamat’ created.

He is our tourist guide. His name is Cavin. Haha, finally took his photo without his knowledge.
I have no idea what were inside there, but we have been told that the cooking has at least three days before it ready to pack into bottles.

The magic sea cucumber with special healing powers is manufactured in these local herbal houses.

Actually, it’s a short visit to replace Mahsuri’s Memorial which cost RM5 for the entrance. Many of us don’t want it because it’s nothing than a tomb and a story behind it.

The next destination before we took our dinner was Underwater World Langkawi.

Go to the left and Pantai Chenang is where Underwater World located.

The costly of entrance fees (RM28) does the everythings worth. Even though the building outside is so eyes catching and high tech, it does inside too.

What we expect to see? Fish? or anything living underwater? Let’s the tour begin.

Just superb. I mean my digicam capture. Hehe

I thought I coming to below 0 degrees climate. Hi Penguin!! This is Malaysia, not Antartica. LOL. I hardly see you guys here.

Starfish…on the ugly side.

Colorful light on the display. I wonder whether they purposely do it or just coincidence. It just so nice.

We had our dinner at 7pm, just located beside of the UnderWater World.

Duty free shopping was where we shop, shop and shop till we drop! I am not sure which one is the largest shopping maill in Kuah Town because it look all same to me even though every shop competing with each others.

Unbelievable price for the liquor. CHEAP, cheap and CHEAP!

Clothes are cheap there. Everything can be possible there. Even you stranded into island (promising you hold a credit card) for a week.

Liquor is a MUST buy item in Langkawi. Whether you drink or not, you must buy as souvenir as it’s so damn cheap there. It cost only 60% of the real price in KL.

And these are hardly can be buy in KL. A small version of original bottle.

A sunglasses is a must item because the temperature and light is higher than KL.

T-Shirt on sale. It’s so cheap. Who want it? We bought 30 pieces to give to our friends in KL.

Day 3 (30th April 2006)

We were entitled for 2 breakfast. Even though it’s a buffet style, but I stuck with only limited choices of food. Arggg….not satisfied.

Later went to KLG for lunch. Haha. Shopping spree again this evening. A free for leisure day as I wasn’t going to Payar Island or Eagle Feeding Tour that cost you a bump for tickets.

The next schedule for today was set at 6pm, where we had our dinner at local restaurant.

Can dig gold ar?

I and my family shared table with another 7 persons. Food not enough!! So fast the plate get emptied.. Huh. The bad side for having many peoples on same table. Huh.

Okay, right after dinner, while waiting the sky dark, we visited the last or final destination. LOL. The Eagle Square, the symbol of Langkawi. It’ wasn’t a complete tour without this place.

A photography session at Langkawi’s most prominent landmark. Standing tall at 53 feet greeting passengers arriving by the sea.

Taken by the side. I am wondering whether night view may better for photography session.

A unique map on the fake stone. It’s floating and create a 3D map to differentiate the height for each geographical land space.

Another unique lamp, rarely can be seen anywhere.

Everybody was busy taking pictures with the eagle. It’s kinda hard to grab a place to snap a pix before the sky getting darker.

Cycling is available here, but time was too limited. We missed it. That’s a disadvantage of following a tour coach. You will miss any place due to time constraint.

Day 4 (1st May 2006)

Woke up as early as 5.30am and prepare everything packed and we check-out at sharp 7.30am after took our breakfast.

We headed to Kuah Jetty for departure to Kuala Perlis and Kuala Lumpur after that.

Having a hard time in ferry, which was kinda boring, nothing to do in an hour long journey. Sleeping is a good option anyway, dude.

We crossed along Kedah padi field. It’s my first time saw such big field….as before this I only seen on the textbook.

It merely took about 13 hours from Kuala Perlis to Kuala Lumpur, from 1030am until 11.00pm. Phewww….but actually between the journey we rest and also having lunch as well as dinner. We also pay a visit to some tourist spot so that we will not getting boring on the bus.

However, in the night journey, it was a long traffic jam in the highway due to peoples rushing back to KL after a long break.