Lang Tengah Island

Again, Redang Island trip, which is called Lang Tengah this time. Have planned this with a group of colleague from current workplace. I’ve too much of water activities and I think this is become a part of my one month one trip programme for Visit Malaysia year.

Redang Lang Island Resort

23-25 June 2007

We’re unable to take flight for this trip because of the time constraint. We planned this in a short time due to agreement between us suddenly. We had to take the bus from Putra Terminal to KT Terminal.

The 3 days and 2 nights trip is full of fun because I think it’s fun. Hehe. Lang Tengah Island is0 truly a tropical jewel located in the state of Terengganu. Coincidencely, the Carnival is around the corner. Its beauty with tall coconut trees overlooking the crystal clear water and white sandy beach.

Tropical jewel with tall coconut trees. Even though the resort area isn’t big, but the facilities are quite good.

White sandy beach. It’s rocks!

A long carpet of dead coral at the beach line. I rather wear slipper when walking at such a carpet.

Rock on the beach. So unique and wonderful.

Rocky beach. Where the rocks are really part of the nature.

Truly blue crystal ocean that I ever seen. Amazing!

Dive center. Some package comes with diving activity.

Resort room. We stay in 2 quad sharing with 8 peoples.

23 June 2007

Bus transportation is only our option for cheaper trip organized in such a short time. We took the bus from Putra Terminal at 11pm and reached KT Terminal around 6am. I think we all didn’t have a good sleep.

After waiting for about half and hour, the van came to fetch us to Merang jetty. Before that, he brought us for breakfast at chinese food stall.

The boat that we took to Lang Tengah from Merang jetty.

Part of our group here. Me, jO and CM.

WC, Ed ML, DC, and YC.

Our boat jammed few times due to overheated engine.

All the tourist are waiting to be brief about the resort and its activities. Then, we’re preparing for the next activity at Marine Park.

The boat the deliver us to Marine Park.

Me and DC.

The sea is roaring during the ride.

Self-taken, but this is not water proof camera, no underwater picture here. Haha.

Turtle hatches in the big basin. We pick it up and say cheese.

At marine park for an hour plus. This time is no fun, because I think that’s it had become boring when going for second times.

We’re hungry after the snorkeling, that’s why we’re served during the tea time. After that, we went for photo session around the resort before loitering around the dining hall.

The main sign board of the resort. Must take one, if not, can’t proof to people you has been here.

Sand art by WC

The background is real right, but if I’m not put together with this post, it might look like a painting wall.

Voila, at 7pm, the dinner is ready. Makan-makan.

Mahjong is one of the activity after the dinner. My first time play mahjong and learn from jO. We sing K at 10pm until 12am. before go to sleep.

24 June 2007

Early in the morning, at 7am, the breakfast is served. After breakfast, we went to the beach and start throwing stone. Somebody was started this and all of us just follow the trend. Haha. You know how to throw the stone and make them jumping on the water. I become so skillful in this activity after a few round learn from them.

We actually crossed further from the resort and there’s a lot of big rock. Here we goes.

Have fun on the rock. Can you see our resort at the back?

Okay, back to the resort, we played the beach volleyball. After that, we played sand. WC is willing to be a model for us. We decided to make her a mermaid.

A completed reborn mermaid.

Second snorkeling around the island, which they called island hopping. As usual, I was stunt by how clear the water can be in the sea. Amazing right.

We back from snorkeling. The sea is calm and no wave at all. Therefore, some of us went for the coral watching. Here we goes after that.

We stayed until dawn. Nice right? So tired but happy.

Dinner as usual and some of the activities were repeated like sing K and mahjong.

25 June 2007

At 9am, we had to transfer from resort to the jetty. We took our breakfast at 7am and loitering around the resort for photo session. Again, we took the bus from KT terminal to KL. Only reached KL at 11pm. This is worse to worse by using land transport. The bus has broken down for one hour due to engine problem. Haiz. Before that, it was the boat engine. At the resort, our room has water leakage and electricity cut off.

Our trip have so many bad things. Overall, a good trip that worth to be stay in the memory. Tata. Pulau Perhentian, I’m coming, perhaps next year. Haha.