KL Bird Park 2009

KL Bird Park is dubbed as World’s Largest free-flight walk-in aviary. It houses more than 3000 birds of 200 local and foreign species in approximately 21 acres of valley terrain.

Kuala Lumpur (KL) Bird Park

3 May 2009

It’s located at Lake Garden and nearby a lot of others tourist attraction. The operating hour is start from 9.00am – 6.00pm. Entrance is RM15 (for adult) and RM6 (for kid) with MyKad. Without MyKad will be RM39 (for adult) and RM29 (for kid).

My visit to KL Bird Park is due to two discounted tickets that I bought in MATTA Fair recently. It’s only cost RM10 each. It’s a fair deal even though you can get the same price if you’re Jusco Card member.

I reach there at 10.30am. The weather is very good. No direct sun heat and no sign of raining.

After I get tag from the ticket booth, I entered the first section of Zone 1. The park is divided into 4 different zones.

This is Love Aviary section.

Love Bird can be found here.

This colorful group of parrots are originated from Africa. It’s often kept as pets due to their adorable appearance. When they kept in pairs, they will constantly groom each other and sit closely as possible when sleeping and resting. Lovebirds can live up to 10 to 20 years.

A mini landscape is created to make the environment harmony and close to nature.

Bird species such as peacock can be seen running around. It’s harmless to human anyway.

Under the Zone 1, there is a big pond dedicated to Flamingo. A very nice landscape here.

Flamingo Pond.

Flamingos are resting or maybe sleeping using one leg.

You will never get lost with an illustrated guide on your hand. In fact, there is some big map like below at around the park.

Zone 2 has nothing much to see except those Egret spread around. I’m not able to see any Brahminy (Eagle), one of the local bird of prey species flying around.

It’s reminding me about 15 years ago since I went here. It’s has been changed a lot.

Zone 3 is where the HornBill park located.

Daily activities are shown on this board.

Dustbin here is so cute. You would enjoy throwing your rubbish inside.

Just look and follow the direction in the park.

World of Parrots (Zone 4) – This mini aviary is specially designed to accommodate various species of parrots in our collection consisting of macaws, cockatoos, lories and parakeets.

We’re given some kuaci for the parrots to eat from our hand. They will not hesitate to land on your shoulder or hand anytime to get the food or probably welcoming you.

The next section is Oriental Bird Aviaries. Most birds here are kept in aviary.

Catch a glimpse of Flamingos gracefully sun-bathing in a beautifully landscape pond complete with a scenic man-made waterfall.

Bird show here is on daily basis. It’s happening at the semi-open air Amphitheater with 400 seating capacity.

Egg & Incubation Room & Nursery is where the chicken eggs are artificially incubated using incubators.

Emu is the second largest living bird after the ostrich.

There is an entrance where the vegetables are prepared for visitors to feed them.

It’s such a waste I do not have any DSLR on my hand to test during this visit. Many beginner photographers would like to take this opportunity test out their camera ability here.

This World’s Largest Covered Bird Park is the best bird park I ever been. KL Bird Park is a great place for shaping your photography skill. Do visit KL bird park for your shooting, I mean photo shooting.

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