Kampung Cantik, Pengkalan Batu 2009 @ Melaka

We invite you to check our threshold and bathe in the sight of our beautifully maintained flower garden. Admire our traditional Malay architecture and venture into our house to view priceless antique and bridal exhibits” – Welcome to Kampung Cantik, Pengkalan Batu.

The words coated on the board is really make us feel welcoming. This place actually located nearby Batu Berendam. I saw some buses stop by the road side and I thought it must be one of the tourist spot. I quickly park on the road side and saw an artful miniature traditional house.

Kampung Cantik, Pengkalan Batu @ Melaka

This is a common place for non-Malaysian to understand and know our culture and the surrounding. I seek to drop by to see what’s so special about the place. Luckily no entrance fees charged as I follow the group together getting into the house. They thought I’m part of them…haha.

The decoration of the entrance’s house is very colorful and welcoming.

The fake foods look so real.

One of the antique lamp post that using kerosene to light up. I remembered I used it before when I was 3 years old.

On the wooden wall, there are some paper cut information about Malacca history and surrounding. This does not look like a wooden replica house but rather a real house modified for outsider to visit. It’s because the owner was very anticipated into collecting all those antique and display around the house.

To make it interesting, the owner built some replicas around his house beautifully and attractive.

Landscape also made so stunning and eyes-catching.

For me, it’s a typical modern home with traditional built. Nothing was amazed me but for foreigner, yes, they did. Even the local guide explained them our new Prime Minister. I mean, duh, if Malaysian, need to introduce meh.

Bye bye Kampung Cantik…what else? My next destination would be … Malacca Zoo. Stay tune!

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