Jom Makan-Makan @ Melaka 2010

Our famous food trip, Makan-Makan Melaka was having another round recently. It was tailor made for a group of 4 in one car. We purposely make a day trip just for food. To name a few, there are Satay Celup, Chicken Rice Ball, Durian Cendol, Yam Rice and Cockles.

Jom Makan-Makan @ Melaka (2nd Edition)

16 September 2010

A tiring day trip that everyone of us has to bear. We departed at 6.30am and back at 9.30pm, with almost 15 hours of food hunting. Total of 7 sessions made off for a whole day. Consider a breakthrough for us so far. Glad to be part of it.

With only four of us that day, we were certainly able to fit into sharing the whole travel and food expenses. A budget trip as we called it. The first edition last year had provoked the second edition as we named it.  We have GPS Navigator as road helper to help us.

Our first stop was nothing than a regular breakfast in Seremban town. Yes, the famous Hakka Mee had gone in our way so early. I personally eaten this many times, just promote a bit here. A place where senior citizens gathered.

A price per bowl has increase from RM3.00 to RM3.30 (small), RM3.50 to RM3.70 (medium) and RM3.80 to RM4.00 (big) compare to last year.

A typical increase because of ingredients are getting more expensive?

The following is where our Jom Makan-Makan edition starts …

We made our first stop at popular Jonker88 stall as early as 9am. A well-known Laksa and Cendol series certainly beat its aroma.

Our best friend GPS Papagoshowed us the popular food stall

Famous Jonker88 brandgot website some more

Asam Laksa (RM3.50)the most basic of laksa

Curry Laksa (RM3.50)full curry aroma ingredient made perfect

Flavors Cendol (RM2.00) … icy deserts that lessen our thirstily

Surrounding the shopvery old fashioned (intended design)

Parking is not an issue in the early morning, but getting crowded in a split of second after 10am. Parking coupon is still applies even though on weekend of even public holiday.

A coupon booklet is available for RM4.00 for ten pages (each page can use for half an hour). Parking at designated area can be more expensive if you just stop for a meal, unless you opted for half day.

At the time we done our windows shopping around Jonker street, it was already hitting our lunch hour. We managed to make it a bit earlier at 11am because after this hour, a long queue is expected. Arghh … this is rather unpleasant caught under the hot sun.

Here we are at Chung Wah Coffee House. An overrated chicken rice ball outlet in Melaka where a limited flow of chickens to be sold here.

White steam chicken (RM16.40)with 10 rice balls (2 pax)

Next stop is Sam Shu Gong famous desert house, Lao Qian Ice Café for our Durian & Gula Melaka Cendol.

San Shu Gong …  House of Authentic Delicacies

Lao Qian Ice Cafe …  a place with famous drink

Durian Cendolmade to be icon and popular desert

Cendols (RM5.80)packed nicely and taste good

To continue our crazy food trip, we continue non-stop for our second round lunch, that’s Melaka famous Yam Rice. It was look like Bak Kut Teh (BKT) family in Melaka. The rice is cooked with yam, eat together with pork and its internal organs.

Found this shopnamed Teck Hua Heng (thanks to my GPS)

Yam Rice (RM6.00) with herbal pork dishlight version of BKT

We gave ourselves a short break from food intake. We walked around Jonker Street and  also new Jusco @ Bandaraya Melaka. Less than 2 hours later, we looked upon Satay Babi, however out of our disappointment, they didn’t open for that day. What a waste.

End up wandering aroundfound this new place

Cheng Hoon Teng Templea very ancient temple in Melaka

Happy DanSanholding a new toy for his nephew

Cross by this famous nyonya cendolguess will be next time then

Newly built toiletsleepy at noon time? It’s damn hot!

Melaka type of housejust enjoy from outside, a real house with number

Cheng Ho Cultural Museuma place to study Cheng Ho life history

Another entrance inside the museumRM10 to enter

To kill our free time, we visited Tan Kim Hock shop for some snack shopping. A whole half basket cost us RM100, a considerable high price tag nowadays to purchase few local food product. Things getting expensive nowadays.

Our makan-makan trip won’t be completed without this famous and overrated Satay Celup (Steamboat Satay) visit. It’s supposedly be open at 5.00pm turned out to be earlier than that. I wonder whether they’ll consider open up during lunch hour. LOL.

Before 5.00pm crowdearlier than expected

I joined the second fray of batch at 5.30pm. Queue is built up very fast within few minutes. A long queue seen to be so anonymous with this street. Cars and motorists slowing down, creates unnecessary jam. Sigh! This will be throughout until late night.

They stand out with a slogan, We Look For Originality, Quality But Not Quantity.

Latest price per stick (80 cents) 10 cents increase from 70 cents this year

Some raw foods taken from fridgestandby while waiting for the sauce

Celup saucea pot of aromatic and orgasmic peanut sauce

Muar bread (80 cents)love the bread dipping into sauce

Hidden burningheated up peanut sauce

Big prawnone of the bonus stick given for each table

Dip into boiling potalmost everything comes from them

We consumed 63 sticks and total bill is RM79 included miscellaneous.

Not to be missed is the 45 minutes cruise along Melaka River at night. It was awesome although most of us are tired. The cruise went through along the river with amazing view of colorful night. It took us along with many Dutch style buildings, old shop houses, bridges and Kampung Morten Malay Village.

The cost is RM10 per adult, RM5 per children.

Melaka River Cruisea very popular destination for tourist

Finally, we decided to continue with the last food for the day. All sorts of cockles, snails and lala that has cooked with hot boiled water. We opened it, dig it out the flesh and place on a special served sauce. It’s so tasteful even though I felt it quite raw to eat like this.

Hard to findhidden behind shop lots

Throw the shell into the pileact as rubbish bin

Now certainly we only left some Baba Nyonya and Portuguese cuisine to be tasted in Melaka. I hope I can make some breakthrough in another food hunting in our next edition.

To explore more food varieties, one day definitely not enough. You may consider overnight at Melaka town at few recommended hotel below:

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