Jom Makan-Makan @ Melaka 2009

Melaka is famous with a lot of foods. Nothing can beat our appetite that day when we organized a Jom Makan-Makan at Melaka @ 28 Mar 2009. We beat the rhythm when we finally got five people for this trip.

Jom Makan-Makan @ Melaka

28 March 2009

I just came back from one full day trip @ Melaka. It was damn tiring when I went out from house at 6.45am and only back to home at 2.30am. We walked quite a lot and eat non-stop for the whole day!

Five of us fit into one car on the way. We wanted to minimize our spend on the transport as we’re willing to spend more on food.

A budget trip as we call it.

The first stop was during our breakfast. We decided to stop by Seremban town for breakfast after each of us is hungry. Coincidentally, none of them had eaten the famous Hakka Mee.

Hakka Mee @ Seremban Big Market

I personally had eaten more than 3 times.

This food stall is actually quite traditional and only serve Hakka Mee as their strong brand. At surrounding, I saw a lot of “Kee” stalls, Kow Kee, How Kee, Low Kee, Sang Kee, Mickey and so on. LOL. Coincidence or just a fact?

A bow of noodle cost about RM3.00 (small), RM3.50 (Medium) and RM3.80 (Big).

Around 9.30am, we continue our trip to Melaka town for desert and lunch. We’re quite relax and I start to navigate through the map like never been to Melaka before. I do enjoy the trip using map as guidance.

Okay, please don’t forget also when park the car around the town, make sure use ticket coupon. Things doesn’t come free there. I got hit a few summons (RM30) last few years. In fact, the coupon nowadays is easy to purchase from everywhere with this signboard.

Roadside parking is allowed here. It’s not like what in KL, double parking. Peoples here are so behave and only park on the designated bay.

However, we decided to park at Dataran Pahlawan, which is nearby the Jonker Street. It’s only cost us RM2.00 for first 4 hours. It’s fill up very quickly soon after that.

We walked out from the mall and yeah, we saw Porta De Santiago. This portal is one of the main gateway of the Fortress of A Famosa.

Information is ready on the plaque built by Tourism Malaysia.

An ancient cannon located at front of fortress.

St. Paul Church is located at the hill top, requires us to walk up the steps under the hot sun. When I look back, the fortress actually is so tiny.

If you’re kind of person who like to read about history, the plaque is for you to read something through.

Christ Church is constructed in 1753, the structure reflects original Dutch architecture.

Posing like star with background of Christ Church.

Our brand pose on the stair.

In fact, we’re just resting under the building as the weather is very hot.

One of the many red building. The red is getting fresh as major building look re-painted.

One of the newest landmark found in Melaka. The buried ancient wall is rebuild as what it was pictured in historical book.

It’s all about how the cannon protecting Melaka from Portuguese invasion 500 years ago. [Updated] This is nothing to do with Portuguese invasion. This site was found in late May 2007, during excavation works trace the walls of the ancient Malacca Fort known as Bastion Courassa (Portuguese) and Fredrick Hendrick (Dutch). The cannon displayed, I believe it merely to show how it was part of Malacca Fort.

Most of us are getting uneasy of the hot weather, a rather good weather for foreign tourist. We quickly move on with our makan-makan plan. Next stop would be Satay Babi (pork satay).

Each stick cost only 60 cents. Anyway, the meat on the stick is just a little, making us took about 15 sticks as average. As we do not we anything inside stomach, we proceed to Chicken Rice Ball at Jonker Street again.

Among many popular chicken stall available, we finally agreed on going to Nasi Ayam Hoe Kee. “Kee” again, so coincidence?

Not each of us can stand eating again one after another. So, all of us are sharing with quarter chicken with 15 rice balls.

I’m sure you can’t beat the aroma of this pineapple cake, a famous in Melaka especially along the Jonker Street.

Again, food hunting will not be complete without this damn popular Satay Celup. As early as 5.15pm, people starting to queue up (extremely long during peak hour) until late night of 12.30am, still got people queuing. Walao!

We managed to sneek into as first batch customer to enjoy their delicious satay celup (steamboat satay).

At the end of our wonderful meal, we decided to go for Eyes on Malaysia sight seeing.

Goodbye Melaka. I will be back again.

We ended our trip at 12.30am and reached KL at 2.30am.

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