Ipoh Trip – Colleague Outing

My friend was having his block leave and he wished to make a economic trip somewhere else locally. Not much places can be chosen, finally he suggested a short trip to Ipoh. We all finally agreed although some didn’t turned up for the trip due to some reasons.

This trip consisted 4 persons (Dexter, Steven, Adam and Danny).We planned to stay one night there. Initial plan was either one of us would drive our car and we will pay equally to the car owner. However, it didn’t turned up good when no one included me want to drive. So, what to do? “Take bus loh”, said one of us.

It’s cheaper alternative and Danny is getting his car to bring us for the trip. (Danny went there one day earlier than us). Okay, then all of us are fine with this decision.

Yo, in the morning Saturday, we gathered in Pudu Raya station for departure. The bus fare cost RM14. We took the breakfast before get into the bus. The journey from KL to Ipoh took 2 hours plus. Finally we reached at the Terminal Bus at Ipoh. We called Danny to fetch us. Haizz, “Having no car really troublesome.

We can’t going anywhere and stuck in place if Danny is not here”, I said. So I promised myself not to travel alone without proper transport. HEHE. Looking at MyVi.

When Danny fetched us from Terminal, we straight away went to “Big tree” place where lots of food there. One of the famous food is ‘Yong Tau Foo’. Danny is Ipoh-lang and Ipoh is his hometown, so he knew the place very well. We needed a place to get rest, so we rented a room at Hotel Ritz Garden. This place was better because of the affordable price (RM115 nett) and also far from ‘bad’ place (brothel and ah kua). Well, we all realized that the hotel also got a special service available. So forget about it.

We planned to visit the Ipoh Parade in the evening time. To kill our time, we went for a movie called “Dragon Squad”. Nice movie lah. Time was late after the movie, then we straight went back to hotel to prepare for another event, dinner! One of the famous food “Beansprout chicken rice” is our target for this dinner.

For me, it’s nothing special than white chicken rice in KL, just a different is an extra plate of beansprout served to us. Then, we chatted until 10pm while having our dinner.

As promised with Calvin (another colleague of us), already waited us in Y2K pub for next event after dinner. We reached to the pub about 10.45pm and this was my first time going to pub aka disco.

Not really special except loud music and people just shaked their body to show that they’re dancing. Holly crowded there! It’s very hard to move from place to place. Well, that place also got so many pretty girls.

I am not sure what’re their background but I am sure that they’re quite enjoying there. But actually they’re wasting their time in such this place. Some look like drunk. I only take 2 cup of beer, so I am fine.

Further more, it’s impossible for us to chat and we forced to shout to each other’s ears each time we talk. Lousy place. I am wondering how can night people enjoying this kind of life every night.

After a long torture of myself, I finally got out from there and headed to cybercafe for internet purpose. Other’s also followed me too. We counter-striking for 3 hours plus before we went back to hotel at 3am. Errr, just so sleepy liao.

“Ringggggg, 7’o clock morning”, wake up everybody. The morning event belongs to dim-sum eating at Foh San restaurant. Let’s see what we having there. LOL

Delicious Dim-Sum

Let’s drink. LOL

Then we went for car-travelling around Ipoh, we didn’t visit any tourism spot because of the hot burning weather. We also went for ‘white coffee’ and we chatted until late evening. We departed from Ipoh to KL at 4pm and reached KL at 7pm. Rated this trip at 5 out of 10. I am looking forward to my next trip, PORT DICKSON !! Yahoo !!