Ipoh Trip 2009

An unplanned trip to Ipoh this year. Originally, I was thinking to visit Ipoh together with nearby tourist area such as tea boh farm and hot spring. This capital of Perak is located 200km from KL. In the past, I was just passed by this city without really go around. It has been 4 years since my last trip to Ipoh. I start my journey at 8am from KL.

Ipoh Old Town Trip

7-8 March 2009

What is so interesting about Ipoh? As the capital is well-known on its own history, it’s has been made famous by the food like bean sprout chicken rice. I’m not sure whether it’s originated from here, however, it had been long associated with.

I drive along the old trunk road which save me toll payment about RM24.60. This cost is about half tank of my petrol. I don’t mind driving the slower road but I do care about the volume of vehicles on the road. It just get on my nerve.

Since it’s already lunch time at 11.30am when I reach, I settle down my lunch at famous Ipoh Chicken Rice stall. Yummy. But no pictures here. LoL. I’m not into food blogging. Keke.

I decide to rent on YMCA Ipoh Hotel with cheap rate. It’s only RM55 per night.

I go back to the room after lunch to take a quick nap while waiting 6pm to come. My friend said that he will be joining us with K-oke plan. However, we decide to scrap our plan after the free k-oke hour is only from 6-8pm. We reach there at 7.30pm, too late.

What we are going to do with our dinner plus free time? We look for a place with Wi-Fi connection. We choose Famous C@fe to land our notebook to get online. Haha.

I even get myself to test my new bought Wi-Fi supported phone to login facebook to post my status.

We online until 11pm. The cafe is closing. So we move back to hotel. Tomorrow morning, we are going for a fabulous breakfast at town, that is Foh San Dim Sum Restaurant. YO!

Ipoh Famous Dim Sum – Foh San

Trip to Ipoh will not be complete without dim sum breakfast at popular Foh San (富山 Hong Kong Dim Sum) Restaurant. It’s located in town and not hard to find in the early morning.

I wake up on time and start our journey on time at 7.30am. Even though we ‘re early, the place is already crowded. Jam, full and pack. No table and it almost ‘book‘ by peoples whom standby beside. Damn. It’s lucky for us, only 3 of us, manage to secure a place by sharing table with an old couple.

Not sure about weekday crowd but weekend is definitely overwhelming.

As we seated, we can’t wait to take order. The trolley carrying the food is just pass by non-stop. I’ve problem stopping them and ask for dimsum, as they’re so fast.

Main Dimsum of course is ‘siew mai‘ and ‘har gao‘. My favorite goes to ‘glutinous rice‘ as well.

I found that the most common used ingredient is prawn. Prawn are in most dishes, include pork as well. Mayonnaise provided are taste good (home-made?) and it’s sweet.

We are quite enjoying our breakfast here. Letting alone many peoples around us waiting for table. The bill tabled to us is about RM50. Quite pricey for a breakfast but then is fine.

Ling Sen Tong is our first tourist spot that we visited. I heard so many times and seen every time I passed by Ipoh but never go in before. Finally, yeah!

Entrance of the cave temple looks beautiful. I’m wondering the night view is going to be wonderful.

This place is a tourist spot. I saw a travel bus stopped by as part of their tour place.

As I walk in, I saw varieties of god statues including my all time favorite Monkey God.

The Big Four God (known as Four Heavenly God) is on top of temple.

Big tummy god.

A dragon replica display.

We do pray in the temple due to we’re Buddhist. Ermm…just kidding. We are practise this Canto advice, “Enter home must wish people, enter temple must pray“.

We move to Nam Thean Tong which located next from here.

A rough history stone build by Tourism Malaysia for visitors. I found that this is quite useful to get know some facts on the place we visit.

It was more grand unique design on the walls and ceiling. The dragon sculpture on the roof side look amazing.

Part of the temple is located under the cave, in between perhaps. I manage to explore the temple with ease and comfort in the morning and the hot sun is not come out yet. A series of steps leads up to the upper chambers.

Again, we move to Sam Poh Tong on the next side. This cave temple is more happening and bigger.

We actually cross into internal temple via a tunnel. Amazing. Too bad, my camera is limited, due to dim light, unable to capture good pictures.

Temple inside the cave and it’s actually covered all round. Amazing again!

At outside, there is a beautiful lake stone landscape. The moment I saw this, I felt I’m visiting one of the village in China.

It was build in such way to attract the feel of ancient China.

After this cave exploration, we head to a popular Ipoh Old Town white coffee. Nam Heong Coffee House is where the place is.

This coffee is only cost RM1.50 and it tasted so original and good.

Another group of friends joining us during the coffee session. At 12pm, it’s time for check-out, I quickly check-out and spend another few hours at Famous C@fe online before start going back to KL at 4pm.

There are few places I didn’t manage to visit such as Perak Tong, Kek Lok Tong and Kellie Castle.

I will be back to Ipoh but I’m not Ipoh Mali one. LOL.

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