Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip 2012 @ Melaka

You’re read it right. Having a Melaka trip just for food would give a thought of repeating the food itself for good sake. In fact, the foods are too many to be cover in one trip. Let’s stretch to a few trips plan separately.

Half-Day Makan-Makan Trip at Melaka (2012)


Our day started from the night itself where we were traveling from Seremban after a wedding dinner to Melaka for an overnight stay. Late check-in was a trouble when we’re not able to find the exact place where we booked our stay, the freaking Al-Banjari Heritage Guest House.

It’s obviously cheap to overnight at cost of RM20 per person only! Of course the quality is what you paid for. I called the owner to pick up us from the street and he came out to bring us to the guest house and hence the check-in process done with a room key to us. Good service for real, but low quality stay if you choosy.

As it was too late, around 1am, we quickly settled most our stuffs and sleeps immediately.

Our stay in Al-Banjari Heritage Guest House was a real budget. It doesn’t look like normal motel or whatever, but rather like old shop lot with wooden plank. Our room wall & windows all made of wood. How pathetic old place!

Just want to share my experience staying there and how it’s look like.

Guest houseon small entry on the right side 

Towards back side of his housecrossing narrow path

Kitchen at the backsecretive tunnel feel

Going up to first floorwhere most of the room located

Balcony out there for smoker I thinknothing other than 2 chairs there

Our roomlocated at nearest to the toilet

Two twin bedswith air-con

Our room no.5backpacker room type

Wash your face outsidetoilet is very small and easily hit your head

Cross small balconynarrow path

Small living room for guest to watch TV or get-togetherclean and comfort

Wooden house feel … crossing the balcony

Good morning Melaka!

A series of food appears in my mind start to boggling me. Our first stop of makan-makan trip was chicken rice ball at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball @ Jonker Street.

Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball was a popular one and long queues there, luckily we gave up this place. Lolz.

Walking along Jonker Street in the early morning was an awesome when not many people but we were wrong. A stop at Sam Shu Gong for a sip of coffee.

A cooling place to stay for a momentfor a sip of coffee

Varieties souvenirs other than famous local productavailable as well

A quick walk towards the Christ Church area, not far from Sam Shu Gong. Weather was good and many tourists flocking this area. I suddenly found myself as local tourist. Am I?

Christ Church, the red buildingfamous tourist spot in Melaka

Windmillone of the attractions along Melaka River

Taming Sari Towerdon’t miss out this wonderful ride

Out of many museums around here, this is one of the museums that I yet to visit. I passed by and being attract to go in after the staff waved at me. She was asking whether we’re tourist from Korea when she told me RM10 as entrance fees. I told them I’m Malaysian, I get 50% discount. Haha.

Give it a try since I have yet to visit this place.

Bastion HouseThe Malay and Islamic World Museum

Exhibition was going onworth my money now

Artefacts from China

Replica of Palace in the old time

Early lunch at Jonker88 stallfamous cendol series

Famous curry laksaone of the best and popular in Jonker Street

Kaki Makan-Makanenjoying every makan trip at Melaka

Our car parknot so crowded

We concluded our half-day trip after light lunch at Jonker88.

Back to KL at noon marking THE END of our simple trip.

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