Go-Kart Championship 2009

This was an irresistible offer. Only pay RM40 and you can drive for 3 rounds (individual and team event) total up of 13 laps. I expect myself to join this year as second timer.

Go-Kart Championship 2009

13 – 14 June 2009

This event held in Shah Alam outskirt stadium, a popular track for kart-ing fans. Normal walk-in price is quite expensive compare to group booking (with more than 15  peoples). I have a team of 4 (Jason, me, Jian and Ellen).

First timer would not expect any real fun until ride on it. I started slowly until I get familiar with the track, then speed comes.

First day normally the day for warm up and briefing. We reached damn early at 7.30am. Then, we had our breakfast.

Briefing start on the game rules and regulation.

For individual event, I’m in Group C. No need for a long wait but certainly, we were waiting like crazy.

All of us were wearing red on that day.

This is the pit where the karts start and stop.

A normal kart with ambank sticker all around.

The curves of the track. Making peoples life tough.

Ignorant driver spotted, causing accident by performed ‘road block‘. Stay cool man.

Safety comes first. Drive slow enough and with hand support somemore. Extra safe. Cool driver! Everybody who witnessed her were laugh like hell. So funny.

This AKA was driving safety also. He drove below the speed limit.

This driver drives over limit, caused spinning and stuck in the middle.

We have 2 teams participated this year. One is SLOW-SLOW-RUN and the other is SPEED-BREAKER. Totally opposite meaning right? Haha.

Our team was listed out from Top 5, thus making an early exit. Overall was a good experience for me to make myself part of Kart-ian community for 2 days.

I won’t look forward for next year. Don’t ask me why…hehehe.

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