Genting Trailblazer 2008

It was a kind of challenges that required to complete all activities like jungle trekking, hill-hiking, running, river-crossing, mud-crossing and etc, total of 14km.

Genting Trailblazer 2008 @ Awana Genting Highlands

2 November 2008

Team: Mixed Team (Adventure)
Fees: Early bird (RM318) entitled with Genting Trailblazer 2008 Room Package (Double Deluxe).
Dining Venue: Rajawali Restaurant, Awana Genting (2 pax).

Both of us are first timer. We need to check-in by 3pm a day before and check-out at 12pm on the next day.

Check-in Day (1-Nov-2008)
Our preparation has started as early at 8am. We went to Tesco for our groceries and junk food. Petrol tank filled up and tyre pressure checked. At 2pm, we left to Genting. It’s pretty easy to locate Awana although I never been there before.

Upon reaching, we went straight to check-in as it’s about 3pm already. Not many peoples were there, but peoples are queuing up in the counter increase suddenly.

As show above, participant need to proceed to Kenari Room for registration.

You have to take your pips first. Then, show your pips to another table to get your room keys, proceed with voucher collection, goodies bag and free gifts.

It’s look like thousand goodies bag give away.

After collecting my goodies bags and room keys, I straight away go up to check-in my room. Whoops…2 queen size beds which I never expect to be…haha.

I thought of inviting friends to occupy the room which is suppose to fit 4 persons. It’s worth more than the price that we paid.

And yea, I started to feel I’m going for holiday more than the Trailblazer.

T-Shirt | Bottle | Milo Tin | 100 Plus | PowerBar | Wafer Bar |  Notepad | Shampoo

It’s a holiday card which has a face value of RM50 in it and it can be used in any shops or stalls in Genting Highlands. A key chain string and two dinner voucher in the picture.

It’s relatively fun when everything are in pair…just for illustration. The bread, milo 3-in-1 and tiger biscuit are NOT included.

There was a briefing at 4pm for an hour. We went back to room to get ourselves prepare for the dinner at 7pm. Again, it’s like holiday rather than anything else.

I roamed around the resort for pictures. At 7pm, the weather was rather stormy and I was expected tough route by tomorrow. We were served with buffet dinner at Rajawali Restaurant.

Event Day (2-Nov-2008)
The next morning … a breezy morning. Located at football field as where the starting point is. We missed the warm up session by Fitness First.

Peoples start to gather at the starting point.

When the run flagged off, it’s like mad cow running…haha. The first course involve in running around the resort while the subsequent part will be jungle challenge.

The surrounding was wet and slippery due to stormy weather yesterday. My shoe grip is quite okay until it was covered by mud. Luckily both of us wear Cap Gajah rubber shoes. It’s cheap and reliable.

One of the first slope that required teamwork…not tough and people still going easy.

It was not a problem still. Peoples still take it easy. But my legs start shaking due to running few kilometers.

We had to run together and marshal will take our number on some corner to ensure that we’re not separating from far. “Do take care your partner, don’t leave it behind“, told by the organizer in joking manners before the event start.

Hiking like above required a lot of energy and a good grip too. The ropes are provided.

From this onwards, we cross all uphill and I regretted not to have my GLOVES. It’s very useful to grip on the slippery objects.

When we reached a small river, I quickly wash my shoe from mud. The line was considerably long there.

I was lucky to have waterproof camera with me during the challenge. During the course of the race, I manage to snap around … while many of them were so focus. Haha.

The upward climbing is so tough, at least never had before in my life.

Dedicated route is not a mandatory. You can use other road but have to put extra careful. It was not created purposely. Obviously this took up more time and energy. Salute for those do deer jumping from one to another.

It was so lucky that both of us never into any bad incident. We were careful and help each other to complete a task. I helped others out across some terrain and obstacles.

At this point, my energy has gone burst. Marshall said that it’s going to reach end point. A big boost anyway. We’re reaching the water station soon.

This is where the series of obstacles start. Jump into the mud water, climb up and continue it for three times.

Climb up and jump into muddy water and walk through the end. Dare you to jump.

It’s not that easy to walk through the mud water. The mud sucks every of your steps. It covered your shoes and made you difficult to make next step. Obviously they wanted you to swim instead of walk.

Reach the end point in 4 hourshurray! Awarded with completion medal from organizer.

We went to wash up ourselves first at open air washroom. A booth is giving out free meehoon, bananas, boiled eggs and sandwich and it’s only food stall that still distributing. MILO drink had finished and packing their way already.

At 1.30pm, we quickly went to pack our things to check out. Even though it’s rush, I’m proud the way we completed it and definitely will be more prepare next time.

The experience that I had is really boost myself physically. In fact, I’ll be back again next year.

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