Genting Highlands 2008

Genting Highland is a city of entertainment. It’s also a place where you can gamble legally for adult. For kids and youngster, there is a place of theme park for amusing . As what it said, it’s located at very high hill of 6000 feet from sea level, creating a cooler and refreshing air.

Genting Highlands

24 August 2008

I purposely went there just for fun. As Aaron had given me a free voucher room for First World Hotel, both of us decided on this short holiday at Genting.

I drove up to the hill due to lazy to take the SkyWay. It’s not the first time with my car. Even though my car is underpowered under this situation, I manage to crawl up slowly and yea, it’s still early in the morning when I reached the peak.

Immediately I call my sister who yet to arrive, me and Lily entered to outdoor theme park first. The entrance fee is RM36 per person.

First of all, we played with tea cup. Getting into such a childhood moment made me fly back to the small world.

We walked up to hill, towards to Dinosaur Land. During that time, the wind is blown strong. It’s so comfortable until the moment I felt, it’s rain. Alamak!

The rain stop after a while when the cloud moves to somewhere. I proceed to try Genting Go-Kart. Haha…so funny and underpowered some more. See me took this picture…it’s damn slow and safe!

Having tried this before? Space shot gives one shot up to the sky and drop to the ground in few seconds. I tried this few years ago, dares not try this time. Age is catching up…hehehe.

My sister came together with her bf and four of us enjoying around the park until it’s rain in the afternoon. Full rain!

Boating at the lake.

Some body is celebrating a birthday event on the huge boat.

At one of the antique car, slowly accelerating.

This is my childhood favorite ride.

A London bus replica for viewing pleasure.

We managed to go for few wonderful rides such as Pirate Ship, Spinner,Cyclone, Flying Dragon, Rolling Thunder Mine Train, Corkscrew, Monorail, Pirate Train, Mini Train and Matahari.

I’m not manage to get all these rides in one day. Probably will do all in few years later. Theme Park revisiting trip!