FRIM – Dept Outing

On the way back to 16 December 2006

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

9.00am – 1.00pm

Another event organized by the sports and recreational club, a long after the Bkt Tabur on last July. This is the last event in 2006 and they take everybody to Canopy Walkway in FRIM.

Sorry for the delay of this post because I get the photos late.. Suppose this to be posted in last month. LOL. Not in the mood that time.

The entry fee is RM5 per car and RM1 per individual. I enter as free, maybe because they mistaken me as participant for the paintball event at the moment. I seriously don’t know. They don’t ask me to pay.

We gathered at the FRIM information center before heading to the walkway guided by him (below).

He gave us some safety talk and funny jokes. He continuously telling us to smile and not to show the tired faces, so that everybody look better.

There are 24 peoples joined this event. Prior to this, he reminded us not to walk-away from the group OR another ‘add-in’ to the group. Haha.

Walking up isn’t very tough and but please be understand that making some noises can lead to other creatures to think that we’re the same species with them, told by the guide in jokes.

Sometimes we just wanted to concentrate on the walking, so no problem.

Finally we reached the walkway entrance. There are 4 stations we had to cross but at the same time, only 4 persons can be at the same station to avoid the over-weight walkway.

We crossed it in mannerly but the movement seems so scary.

The photographer is very enthusiastic wherever he goes. A nice snap always come from him.

Currently above 30m from the ground. The walkway is too narrow for me and it’s swinging with sound ‘ngek ngek ngek‘.

Took by Enji.

A piece of master-art from Enji (above).

My master piece of art (below).

Photo by Enji (below).

Photo by Dex (below).

Going down is far easy. However, the moment was too short. Less exciting, and eager for more. After all, a good place to get a fresh air. If you ask whether it’s giving a satisfaction, it’s no. I expect something tougher than this.

Bye … see you maybe another more challenge event in future.