FRIM 2009 – Yet another outing

Outing to jungle is very rare nowadays especially on FRIM. Yet another outing during the weekend. I’m still remember it was organized due to request for photography. Although it has become my routine to keep my stamina on-going, FRIM wasn’t my first choice.

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

February 2009

I’ve visited FRIM for countless time, but still visiting nowadays for light training. Hence, when I was bringing them here again, that’s why called Yet Another Outing. I parked inside car park which cost me RM5 and RM1 for each passengers that I brought in. Normally I rather walked in and save the car park fees.

FRIM is covered by lush greenery forest that looks amazing and untouched. I’m not sure how untouched it was, but sure it’s created a good panorama there.

Its Canopy Walkway is one the attraction that must visit if you’re first timer. The fee is RM5 only.

I did the walkway this way around. Our colleagues can’t wait for it.

I wore rubber shoes for the hiking, a routine for me nowadays.

Not many visitors are into canopy walkway that day. That’s why we occupied most of the platform for our own pleasures. Lol.

OMG…spooky door led us somewhere…door is open when we walked down.

Spooky my foot…hahaha. We dare you.

The time taken for the entire hiking was quite minimal, about an hour plus. We were instead looking forward for tougher hiking place as I believe my gang are very much interested on.

Good bye FRIM.

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