FGS Dong Zen Temple 2012

Any place to visit during this CNY? Yes, FGS Dong Zen Temple CNY Lantern & Floral Festival 2012 is open for public from 21st Jan until 7th Feb, 10.30am10.00pm. I’ve done my visit for fifth year and it’s still a favorite place during CNY.

Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zhen Temple

27 Jan 2012 | CNY Lantern & Flora Festival 2012

This year coverage was rather quiet compare to previous year. It has become a norm place for anyone who wanted to witness the uniqueness design of Chinese character and animal zodiac in lantern shape.

The attractiveness lies on the light during the night. It’s lightening the spirit of everyone especially the children. Photographer is not excluded from the list of favor visitors other than family-based.

If you expect something totally fresh from last design, you will find some recycling items around. However, do look for new design such as dragon related for photography.

I decided to reach this place after 6pm because of the daylight heat. This hour tends to be peak when many cars have just arrived. Parking extended too far behind the oil plantation.

Peoples were arrived in batches. Taking photography under this situation is tough. Just do it.

Wish noteshanging on the tree

Dragon boatwith fishes jumping

Master & discipleslaugh while having a good time

Flocking dragonaround the globe

Gold Buddhaduring the daylight

Dragon bodyzigzag to and from the ground

Dragon sculpturecolorful and attractive but not lighted at night

Zen Gardena large area consist of white sand

Colorful dragon headchildren like to take picture with it

When night comes, the temple was lightening up everywhere. This year was exceptionally bright and many of my friends say “Amazing night view”.

I went up to The Buddha CG Art Exhibition located on top floor of the building. The entrance was not visibly to everyone unless you’re very observant.

Entrance to the CG Art Exhibition

From this exhibition, you were brought through-out the 3D dimension tunnel describing how Buddha attained Enlightenment.

Below story line explained all.

Ascetic Practice

The prince cut his hair and changed his beautiful clothes into robes. He experienced ascetic practice in the forest and just took a grain a day to sharpen his determination. Hence, he was very weak. He soon realized that practice was comparable to the string of the zither. It should not be too tight nor too loose. Subsequently, he received food offering from a shepherdess and adjusted his practice towards the middle way.

Subdue the Evils

Siddharta sat underneath a bodhi tree and was dwelling in a deep meditative state. The evil Mara and his troops attacked him, trying to distract his practice. Mara asked him, “Young monk, how do you prove that you have attained Buddhahood?” Siddharta was unmoved. He touches the earth with his right hand and said, “The earth can be my witness.” Mara was defeated and withdrew.


As Mara and his troops left, Siddharta sat underneath the bodhi tree in total tranquility and emptiness. He raised his head and saw a bright star in the sky. “All sentient beings have the awakening nature. They are just bonded by various vexations and thoughts that they did not realize it.” He had become the enlightened one!

Teaching the world

The Buddha left his seat and walked along the riverbank of Ganges River to teach for forty nine years. His disciples included the royalty, the rich, and even the farmers and slaves. The Sangha (community of practitioners) consisted of royalty as well as the lowest class because the Buddha Dharma is equal and it can cleanse the dirt in our minds like pure water.

The Buddha: “Rahula, is the water in this basin drinkable?”

Rahula: “Of course not!”

The Buddha: “Rahula, you are just like the water in this basin, essentially clean, but as you persistently tell lies, you become tainted; no one will cherish you.”

Ceasing war

The Buddha was an advocate for peace. He valued all lives and could not bear to see war. During his old age, the rival King Vaidraka initiated a war against the Sakya clan and Kapilavastu. The Buddha sat in the way of his troops and gave advice to the King. King Vaidraka was deeply moved and revoked war three times.


At age of eighty, he was about to pass away in between two Sala trees. The Buddha said, “I have transmitted the Buddha Dharma for forty nine years. Those who were to be delivered, I had delivered them. Those who had not been delivered, I had sowed the seeds of deliverance in them. You should take refuge of the precepts and follow my teachings.” After the passing away of the Buddha, his teachings have spread to the whole world.

The Buddha taught that the way to end suffering is to practice the Noble Eightfold Path, i.e., right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.

3D moviedisplay from the projector

Personally, I like this presentation very much. The 3D animation show was display for 9 minutes and very educative and easy to understand.

Towards the end, I was having another round for night photography. The night display was awesome and different. The magical wonderland was about to reveal.

Night view photography

I’ve decided to make it as annual trip to FGS Dong Zen Temple due to the magical wonderland created by the sculptures and lanterns. The night was awesome.

If you’re interested to witness by yourselves, you should pay a visit to this place no later than 7 Feb 2012 from 10.30am until 10.00pm.

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