FGS Dong Zen Temple 2010

Many of us were anticipating this event when it comes to Chinese New Year. FGS Dong Zen (佛光山) has become the most attractive icon in Malaysia. As usual, the main iconic this year is Marvelous Malaysia Tiger Lantern.

Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Dong Zhen Temple

16 February 2010

CNY Lantern & Flora Festival

I always wanted to visit this place every year … hence it’s my second year in a row. I went on third day of CNY lunar calendar, but still encountered a huge crowd, especially in the late afternoon. Many were flocking into the place for pray, leisure, take photo and also family hangout.

Human bumper-to-bumper happened in most area where it was impossible to stop for photo shooting. You imagine how stuffy it is. Tension.

To go there, I used KESAS highway from KL. I paid RM6.60 in 3 plaza tolls for one way only. Used to turn left when you see Banting/Klang interchange. There are 15km to reach FGS from the interchange. Signboard is available along the way.

Car park and admission are FREE. Volunteers are around to divert the traffic so everyone can find their own parking space easily.

There are new entrance from the side near car park which visitors not require to walk far to enter from the front. Good news for senior citizen.

I had taken some shots in the early evening before sun dawn. Enjoy.

Longmen Grottoes Art Exhibition

Miniature stonerepresent mountain

Panthaka, The Arhat With Stretched Arms

Because of his usual lifting of both arms and stretching himself after meditation. Panthaka is named The Arhat with Stretched Arms.

Guan Yin’s disciplescute

Get back where you wereNobody dare to cross this entrance. LOL

Lumbini Gardenkoi pond and man-made landscape

Giant baby Buddhaanother main attraction

Entranceold entrance, one of the entrances to the temple

Balloon WheelRM6 per ride (3 tokens)

Wishing treeRM5 per throw (per orange) if not mistaken

Sacred waterthe water pond build big enough to prevent people reaches their hand

Flower blossomattracted many ladies here

33 warriorstoo many, I do not jog down their name

This year, FGS has replaced last year 30-feet high OX with Marvelous Malaysia Tiger Lantern. At night, the color beams keep changing every second.

Zen ~ Perfect Idea of Spaceair-conditioned floor, perfect to avoid crowded and enjoy the space

One cannot be without water and food after a long and crowded walk. This year, a dedicated food court place is built for patrons especially senior citizens.

Overall night scenery at FGS Dong Zen Temple is superb. There are beautiful sights of peace lanterns in hope to bring peace and happiness to everyone there. For the casual visitor, the best time to visit is during or near Chinese New Year. Additional lanterns are mounted and floral fests, floats, cultural exhibitions are staged.

Please enjoy the view at night. Let’s pictures do the talk.

Night view of FGS Dong Zenit becomes lantern festival at night, flora festival at day light

Accompanied by 4 selected animal lanterns, namely cat, tiger, cow and pandawhat panda is doing here? Kung fu … LOL

Merdeka (Independent) Spiritin fact, it shows Malaysia Tiger, not foreign species. LOL

This will emanate light, surrounded by flowersoverwhelm by too many lights

Rolling wishesunique and attractive

The festivities transformed the FGS Dong Zen Temple into a magical wonderland at night.

It opens from 12-28 Feb 2010, 10am – 10pm daily. So, don’t miss it this year. Cheers.

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