FGS Dong Zen Temple 2009

Year 2009 is witnessing FGS Dong Zen become one of the most attractive spot during Chinese New Year. One of the main attraction is “The OX of Prosperity Lantern” which draw a lot of people towards it.

FGS Dong Zen Temple

31 January 2009

It’s my second time visit to FGS (since 2007). It’s crowded with peoples on Saturday evening. Due to the crowd, many peoples just sit around due to lack of fresh air. Imagine the bumper-to-bumper walk.

I used the route from KESAS highway from KL start from Bukit Jalil. I paid RM6.60 at 3 plaza tolls before I reach Banting Klang (Pandaraman Interchange).

Carpark and admission are FREE.

The Nemo fish replica has beautified the main entrace. In the small pond, I hardly see lily flower that should be there during my last time visit.

As this year, FGS will feature the 30-feet high “Ox of Prosperity” lantern. It’s so catchy and huge. This festival is started from Jan 23, 2009 until Feb 9, 2009.

Master Hsing Yun wrote the phrase “Earnest Cultivation Yields Fruitful Harvests” (生耕致富) to welcome the new year with motivation the public to be diligent in their lives and cultivate their hearts to achieve holistic internal and external harvests which coincidentally is year 2009 theme.

There are numerous small catchy little Buddha around.

Turn left after walk straight after entrance and you will enter Lumbini Garden.

Koi pond and man-made landscape.

FGS brings together the creative talents of Malaysia’s FGS members, the Sangha, and students of Buddhist schools and presents the solemn images of Buddhism.

Colorful wall with dragon head pouring the water.

One cannot be without water and food after a long and crowded walk. Food court are available with coupon purchase.

Normal stall for drinks are available everywhere.

The Ox of Prosperity Lantern is accompanied by 12 animal zodiacs.

The zodiac lantern will emanate light, surrounded by flowers.

Overall night scenery at FGS Dong Zen Temple is superb.

There are beautiful sight of peace lanterns in hope to bring peace and happiness to everyone there.

For the casual visitor, the best time to visit is during or near Chinese New Year.

Additional lanterns are mounted and floral fests, floats, cultural exhibitions are staged.

The festivities transformed the Dong Zen Temple into a magical wonderland at night.

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