FGS Dong Zen Temple 2007

FGS Dong Zen temple at Banting.

It was a sunny day on the third day of CNY. A beautiful bright which brought an interesting feeling to photography at the moment.

The place was pack of people. Flower’s aroma is sense everywhere.

The 4 sculptured little Buddha in Lumbini Garden are very catchy. Visitors were swarming around to take pictures of the sculptures.

I pointed my camera down to it instead of flowers surrounding them.

Gigantic Lotus Buddha Lantern.

The place was filled with lanterns, red and yellow ones primarily. Reflections of the lanterns on the puddles on the ground made for an interesting image. No matter how sad you may be, lanterns have a way of lifting your spirits.

The main shrine.

Lotus Pagoda Theme Lantern

Twelve animal sign in Kiddyland. One of it is PIG.

Oriental Flora Exhibition located in the cultivation center.

China flora season.

Korea flora season.

Japan flora season.

Piece of kimono made by flora pieces.

The path to Buddha.