Durian Eating @ SS2 (2009)

Eat until you get full” is a theme used by durian stall to attract durian lover. Those stalls offered you unlimited durians eating for only RM9 !! But remember, it’s only available on weekday but not on weekend or public holiday. Look properly within the banner itself. It’s clearly stated. Gosh, it’s TRICK!

Enjoy Until You Get Full @ SS2

Having glance a few stalls located side by side, we finally chosen the above stall recommended by Chee May. At first, we were very excited, but once we sit down, we were getting the other way round. We have left no choice but to eat RM13 per kg durian. No RM9 on weekend.

Walao…damn expensive! Total bill was RM37 for only 2 durians.

Even though we’re getting quite disappointed on this trick, however, the quality is considered GOOD!

Each of the durians is look perfect from outside.

Coconut drink is very suitable for cooling under the hot late afternoon. Cost RM4 per each.

We’re not a durian lover.

Luckily we’re not, if not we have to pay nearly a hundred ringgit for just a simple fruit-eating session. Duh!

Overall is quite okay since fruit season is around the corner. We are able to see fruit stalls along the road (not sure it’s illegal or not). Other fruits such as mangosteen, rambutans, langsat, watermelon and etc are the most popular among Malaysian.

Happy fruit season. I’m planning for a Fruit Farm visit @ Desaru by next month. Very anticipating.

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