D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World

D-Paradise Tropical Fruit World and Aboriginal Native Village

1 May 2007

If you fruits freak lover or definitely crazy about any fruits, this place is right for you. The world’s largest collections of tropical, world’s largest cactus collection, world’s largest collection of pumpkin, Australia biggest land crab (called Robber Crab) Sanctuary, world’s largest monkey cup pitcher and a lot more.

Located in Malaysia’s most historic State – Malacca. Can be access via the Alor Gajah exit and follow the sign board. Entrance for adult is RM49.90 and RM29.90 for children. Luckily I got few free ticket to enter given by the BigWalk sponsor.

About 800 species of tropical fruit in wide area of landscaped garden. I will not able to cover all places below:

Mini Zoo & Pet Corner, Grape Farm, Deer Enclosure,Rabbit Enclosure,Native Jungle Walk,Malaysia Iban Native House, Mesmerizing Bamboo Garden, Man-Made Bird Nest Sanctuary, Native Camp Site, Tortoise Sanctuary & Bee Farm, Waikiki Restaurant, Fishing Pond and Camp David Island.

Below places are which I will show some pictures taken.

Ostrich Enclosure

Water Lily / Lotus Pond

Private Resort

D-CEO Village for Luxurious Accommodation

Village Discovery Tour by Bicycle / Modern Electronic Buggy

I had drive the buggy for few rounds before handed back to the counter. Nice experience anyway and it’s actually first time driving an electrical car!

Walk around is fine since they had designed and planted of total 9km passion fruit shaded canopy. Alternatively, you can rent a buggy for driving around the park with your friends and family.

This tour will lead you to nearby villages, see their culture and very unique villages homes.

Cactus Park
They have the largest cactus collection, wait until you see them……from small 2 inches to several feets in height.

Robber Crab
Have you see the world’s largest land crab, biggest weight 5 kg, this crab is gift from Australia Government, Christmas Island…or spend RM 5000, catch the flight to Christmas Island to visit…

Deer Park
Not seen in many places where you can actually drive through the park and touch or feed the friendly animal in front of you. You’ll have a very close encounter with deers there.

Tropical Fruits
Throughout the 168 acres of pristine natural environment, you can expect to find over 800 species of tropical fruits,one of the world largest collection. What’s more, you can touch, taste them.


Brazillian Cherry

Sky Fruit

Banana trees.

Not to miss is the unique Aboriginal Native Village on spot. A real combination of any kind of tropical flowers, orchids, bird, quali, ostrich, water lily and tropical fruits.

The entrance to the village.

Eeeeeee…..scary is it?

Ok….smile back.

I saw the monkey face there. 🙂

Shaded canopy path. Fruit season is expected on July, but I visited this place on May, so not much fruit can be seen. So I believe this month now is the right time.