Capitol Satay Celup @ Melaka 2009

Melaka (Malacca) is being popular with one of the best of the best, that I ever heard about, Satay Celup.  It’s a must eat when you visit Melaka. It is a kind of steamboat with pot of aromatic and orgasmic peanut sauce.

Restoran Capitol Satay @ Melaka

You can have satay celup as snack or as dinner (if you don’t mind the long queue). It’s my second time coming here. I do not know this place until my Melaka friend introduced to me. I’m always be the first batch of customer at 5.30PM when they just opened their shop.

By default, we were serving with Muar’s bread. I like the bread when it dipped into peanut sauce, it’s exceptionally soft and fluffy.

Capitol Satay Celup opens at 5.30PM and till late night especially on holiday eve.

What is all about the uniqueness over here? Okay, in fact, it’s similar to the steamboat. Instead of boiling pot of soup, satay celup is cooked by dipping or dunking sticks of raw foods into boiling pot of aromatically rich and spicy peanut sauce.

The other good thing is the self-service.  We can take all we want and no restriction on which you like until out of stock. Probably, the best things won’t long. Each stick is offer at flat price of 70 cents per each. That’s a time when the special offer huge tiger prawn and sotong being serve on your table. It’s a bonus to have such top value food!

Other than above, there are wide variety of raw foods available for selection, such as prawns, vegetables, pork, chicken, fish balls, quail’s eggs, cockles, squids, pig’s liver, braised pig’s ears, Taiwanese sausages, and many more.

At the end of the meal, you are only pay for what you’ve eaten. However,  foods in plates are priced differently, according to the plate color.

Price has been increased exponentially, from 50 cents, 60 cents and 70 cents now. While I believe in KL, the price is much higher at starting price of RM1.00 to RM1.80 (depending on stick color).

Five of us had eaten total of 66 sticks and the bill is cost us RM99. Yummy Satay Celup!!

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