Architecture Museum of Malaysia 2009

Architecture Museum of Malaysia is one of the museum found in Malacca. In fact, there are many museums along the road, but due to time constraint I only managed to visit this museum. It’s located at one of the building built during the Dutch administration of Malacca.

Architecture Museum of Malaysia, Melaka

Entrance fee is FREE. So, why not take a peek inside?

Inside the building, we can see a lot of architecture not only found in Malacca but the whole Malaysia. Again, there are many related to philosophy of architecture and cultural related art.

Not to write much about each replicas, here are the photos inside the museum.

Kota Magherita @ Sarawak

Bangunan Jam Besar

Kota Kuala Kedah

Other than that, we also found few selected replicas displayed in the museum.

Kota Magherita @ Sarawak

Duh…KL Railway Station…finally saw one from KL.

Rumah Tok Ku Paloh

Again, I would like to stress that it’s FREE, so don’t forget if you came across nearby Fortress of Malacca. I love museum visit. It provides me a lot of information, IF, only IF I’m still a student.

Now no point already.  I’m here just for revision. LOL.

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