A Road Trip to Penang Island 2009

Penang Island is not an unusual place to me. Again, after makan-makan trip (March) and treasure hunting (April), we move to a road trip this time. There’s no specific itinerary but free and easy.

Penang Island (Pulau Pinang)

9 May 2009

Five of us pack into one car. Our engines started after work on Friday, headed for dinner at Ipoh and check-in at Penang. Upon reaching Ipoh at 9.30pm, we had our dinner there. Seafood is our choice. Even though it’s kind of late night, we manage to catch with few jugs of beer.

We continue our trip to the island and reach at 12am. Along the way, we chit chat and continue with ‘personal attack‘ to our driver, for the sake of entertaining him. Our laughter is unmeasurable and memorable.

We check-in but we do not plan to rest yet. There is a cafe at Gurney Drive that we want to hang on for a while.

We stay in budget hotel, TuneHotel.com. A very popular dot com hotel with 5-star sleeping experience with 1-star price. Overall hotel facilities are very simple and provide the basic necessities. Everything inside is all about online, from online laundry, grocery and services.

9 May 2009 – Second day

We had our breakfast at nearby hotel. Walking is part of our effort to look for food but disappointing due to raining. So, no choice we have to drive to other stall for breakfast again.

Famous Lobak…I think this is the name. RM11 per plate, have so many varieties.

Famous char kuey teow … but the quantity is very small. Not enough to fill up the stomach and price at RM5 per plate. Walao yeh!

Not even 1 hour after breakfast, we’re preparing for our lunch hunting. The location is at Balik Pulau. We drive about an hour and reach there about 12.30pm. Ngam ngam our lunch.

This famous Asam Laksa is cost only RM2.50 and taste so good!

This is the place where we met another friends of Penang, HY, Ann and Cadeance.

The next stop is Kek Lok Si temple. During the way, we found that we’re in very high altitude, having a very nice view of the island. We decided to stop by then.

Having relax and enjoy the view. Look like singing national anthem. LOL.

We do not drag too long there as the weather is rather wet that day. Driving down the hill until we saw the signboard of Kek Lok Si. Car park fees cost us RM4 per car.

We walked to the entrance where its lead us up to the temple. A roofs of which provide shelter to a multitude of shops selling souvenirs and other – mostly secular – commodities. If you’re not in good stamina, walking up can make you feel tired and sweat.

We reached the Liberation Pond, is where the turtles or tortoises live. You can buy kangkung from the seller at RM1 each to feed them.

We continue to hike up further.

Here we are, pointing to the seven storey main pagoda of the temple or the Pagoda of 10,000 Buddhas.

When we got down, we went enjoy the nearby famous asam laksa and desert.

Our next destination is Khoo Kongsi. This fantastic architecture is belong to the famous historical clan and is one of the main attraction in Penang.

Walking around the house will find nothing special unless you hold a camera, as I did. Hehe. Some more, you pay RM5 for the entrance fee is such a ridiculous high.

As we took about an hour to wander around, we finally bid goodbye to our Penang friend. It’s time for us to go back our hotel for a nap.

At 8pm, we started our food hunting again to many popular places in Penang.

One of it is Oo Jian. It’s a kind of osyter with eggs.

We also ate prawn mee, chicken butt and chee cheong fun.

We moved to another stall to taste their duck mee. We also try others such as chicken leg and sweet desert.

After one of us said that he can’t stand anymore with food…we decided to have a drink at pub and ‘cuci mata‘ a bit.

It dragged until 1.30am and it’s damn late. Went back to hotel at 2am and sleep like pig until tomorrow morning.

10 May 2009 – Third day

The ring of phone from Penny woke me up as early as 7.30am. Like it or not, those MKs only wake up at 9am and check-out on time.

It’s time for breakfast! We took breakfast at some place…unknown to me. Raining struck in the morning, we stuck at the walkway. At last, we managed to escape to Plaza Gurney for a chill-out before heading for lunch at Batu Feringgi.

Nevertheless, it’s prawn mee again.

It’s time to go back. One of us suggested that we take ferry instead of Penang Bridge. Okay. Fine.

It has been 18 years I had taken ferry. The ferry fetches about 40 cars to the mainland. For people whom taking ferry to work everyday, its feel nothing.

To me, it’s like unusual thing and I took some pictures here and there, look like a tourist…duh. Haha.

After we landed on mainland, we go back straight away to KL using PLUS highway. It’s nothing than a boring and sleepy journey. Although we are tired, we look satisfied and fulfilling.

At 8pm, we reached KL.

I’m so happy to go such trip and hope to organize another kind of trip like this. What is left for this trip is just a memory and laughter for each of us.

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