A Famosa Water World 2012 @ Melaka

Waterpark never amazed so much but it left much thrill for me to explore since I was child. Melaka A Famosa Water World is known as “The Largest Water Theme Park in Malaysia” is one of the exciting water escapades that you never want to miss!

A’Famosa Water World

Out of many attractive places in Melaka I’ve visited, it left not much for me to explore and put it on my blog. Even this visit wasn’t my first visit to Melaka A Famosa Water World. That’s N year back since my last visit.

The cool summertime fun was going to be fun when you’re in Melaka during hot weather. Jumping into cooling pool and escape from burning sensation you feel during the visit at A’Famosa Resort. This place is located at the exit of Alor Gajah KL-Seremban Highway toll.

The water park itself cost RM35 for adult during weekday while RM40 during weekend. Car park is charge RM3 per entry.

Visiting during weekday was kind of different. You won’t meet up a crowd where everything you play also needs to queue. The facilities are all belong to yours, as long as you don’t feel bored.

The park has few sections, mainly from kids section (Arabian Village) to Family (Sandy Beach, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Inner Tube Slides and Family Raft Ride) and Adventure (High Speed Slides, Body Slides).

I’d taken all advantage to enjoy all the thrills opened that day.

Ticket boothto get your wrist band ticketing

To enter a water park, the feeling was unexplainable. I can’t recall how many stuff that I never been before since my last visit, but this round, eagerness overcome all.

Let’s GO!!

Welcome to the Water World

Map of the parkgetting around with the map

Having one Double Tube for RM10 as rental fees. Unless you would like to skip some games which needed this tube to be use, else you can save this.

Getting into Lazy Pool is a must. The pool supposed to bring me around the entire park as introduction. It failed me anyway. The pool is too shallow or I’m too tall. I’m not even moving as I wanted. Water flow was very slow and boring.

Never amazed meI forced to move myself along which is tiring

Calm water along the wayunder bridge feels like under drain

This Arabian Village is a playground that that inspired by Moorish architecture with its domes and minarets.  Quite new and clean. A super shallow pool for kids but adult can make use of it if you want.

Arabian Villagebasic water pool to get you warm up

Adult compatibleI slide few times, woohoo!

Water funoh, I’m too naive

Water tunnels to go throughslides into the pool below

A place where exciting comes into picture. The Family Raft Slides with at least 4 people to go for balance up the tube. However, I met some visitors to share with.

Stairs walk to the toptiring but never mind

On the other side, Wave Pool is located at the center location, but I found it less interesting compare to sliding all over place.

The Wave Pool can gives you beach feeling, but I’m here not to feel the imitation of beach but excitement of play over and over again for any slides.

For next exciting slide was Inner Tube slides.

Carrying up this tube arounduntil you tired

Fours inner holeschoose one or take all four

Ending partsplashing!

High-end slidesHigh-speed slides

Having darkness insidewhen will be ending point?

At this point can view Monkey Islandaccessible via Animal World Safari

Choose ONEDarkness or Brightness

Spinning around until you meet the endexciting!

Wow sliding in the dark can be fun but boring

Enough?wanna go up and try again for others?

A simple direction for a big water world parkbe prepare to walk

Lunch pack providedclaimed at eatery place

The park is big. You got to walk one place to another place under a hot sun. Imagine if you taking your turn for each game you would like to play again? I tried High-Speed Slides for once because the speed was real stunning with pressure which enough to make my day.

A Famosa Water World is definitely a place for family based or couple to enjoy a summer day under a cooling and enjoyable water game. You can easily take one whole day for this park, but it would be pack if you purchase Animal World Safari on the same day. I would rather take it separately so I could visit each side of the park with my own.

The lunch pack was up my expectation and delicious. Maybe I was hungry that time.

I called my visit off after spending 4 hours at the park, with non-stop with sliding here and there.

I’m planning for next water park visit soon.

Stay tune.


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A’Famosa Resort is located in Central, Alor Gajah, only 40 minutes from the city’s main financial centre…
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