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Treasure Hunt @ Pulai Spring Resort


HAVING a chance again to participate Treasure Hunt event is always my favorite. Pulai Spring Resort is just a fascinating destination that I always wanted to go, has been fulfilled with an outdoor games event organized by the bank.

AmXplore Hunt 2011

KL – Pulai Springs, Johor

23rd April 2011

My fourth hunting after 2 years back, uphold my memories of luxuries stay with the team hunter and great games excitement. My team is consisting of me (driver), Sashi (navigator), Sham and Nurul (passengers). All of us built up a unique team to work with common spirit, 1Malaysia.

Although all of them (except me) were first timer, most of them contribute greatly to the varieties of creativity in guessing answers in the process. My role was simply a driver, following the tulips on the paper and even though, getting a very important role to ensure I’ve reached the correct answer spot!


3-in-1 Ipoh Trip … Geng!


Again, it was another Ipoh trip in the same year. It might a bit different because it wasn’t simple as we thought. We planned and we went according to the itinerary. What’s more, it’s 3-in-1 trip with few places in my waiting list. What a nice and fulfilling trip this round.

3-in-1 Ipoh Trip … Geng!

18 – 20 December 2009

Planned for more than a month. Initially it was just merely a Back to Hometown trip. Don’t know how unexpectedly, it was turned into 3-in-1, mainly focus at Hot Spring (on the way to Ipoh), Ipoh town itself and Cameron Highlands (back from Ipoh). We have no time for other activities because it was packed!

18 December 2009 …

Our very first destination is Hot Spring (TRAP) @ Sungkai. It took  us almost 5 hours playing and soaking with natural flow hot water. We stopped by at Bidor town for our lunch. At 2.00pm, considered having lunch, we still seen many peoples flocking around. My favorite duck mee delicacy was out! $%$#^!@#


An Unfortunate Mishap @ Island of the Wool – Pulau Kapas



It took me 5 long months to plan this trip to Kapas Island in Terengganu, Malaysia. Yes, I may sound dramatic with the lengthy period & all, but initially this trip was part of my “master” plan, also known as “The Ultimate Trip” back to Terengganu, the state by the east coast where I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, 2 years back. And that’s not the best part.

Kapas Island Resort @ Kapas Island (Pulau Kapas)

July 2009

The best part is….I went for this whole “Ultimate Trip” alone. And I really, really enjoyed the solitude. Long winded stories & deviations aside, back to the topic.

I drove all the way from my home at PJ to Marang in Terengganu, where the jetty to Kapas Island is. Marang is a small town with not many inhabitants living in it.

Most of the people there live by the sea, working as fishermen & travel agents for Kapas Island. Unlike the highly marketed & “latest hype” Redang Island that almost every single KL folk have been to before, Kapas Island is a small island located closest to the mainland.

Believe it or not, there’s an annual swimming event hosted by the local council, involving swimming all the way from the Marang beach to Kapas Island! And this whole process takes around 6 kilometers at most ! Yes, it is THAT near.

The Marang jetty to board to Kapas Island. Now start visualizing the Redang Island jetty at Merang (not to be confused with Marang) & cry.

Check out this jetty at Bali !! Ohhh…I mean, jetty at Kapas Island. Notice the significant difference between both the jetties ? Gosh!

Previously I’ve booked this package at Kapas Island Resort during the ever so popular MATTA Fair. Well, looking at the name of the resort, I’m sure most people will get cheated & say “Hey, that’s a resort which has the same name as the island ! I’m sure it’s going to be really good & nice !”

Think again.

Well, let’s just let the following pictures tell you the story & I’ll just leave the rating of this resort in your own hands. Like what people always say, a picture paints a thousand words.

The signboard you’ll stumble upon before entering the “resort lobby”. Ohh, nice signboard….wait till you see the lobby.

The “resort lobby”. From my opinion, it looks more like a staff quarters’ than a decent place to welcome your guests. Bad first impression, really.

The overall site map for the resort. Looks big, ehh ? Wait till you see their “chalets”.

I guess this is the only advantage this resort has. Wireless internet connection, or Wi-fi in short. They have W-I-F-I in a freaking tiny island off the east coast. Awesome!

Ohhh wait, who is this ? As expected….it’s me. Pardon me as I’m camera shy & my face is simply too ugly to be shown to public. My bad.

The beach off the resort. Although I can say the beach here looks quite decent, but I still prefer Perhentian Island’s (another island at Terengganu) beach.

THIS is Perhentian Island’s beach taken by myself 2 years back. Spot the difference & tell me you love this one more.

Oh gosh, the sea water here isn’t so clear after all. And the sand’s dark & rough. Hmm

Mysterious girl…I wish I can get to know her.

If these people just didn’t put the “Dive Centre” signboard there, I will really wonder why in the world are they placing their storeroom just beside the beach?

The bridge that leads to the “chalets”. Don’t really fancy the scene? Let’s move on…

Small swimming pool.

Ahhh, we’re finally at the “chalet”. Huh, what’s Perhentian Island doing over here? LOL.

The view of the double bed in the “chalet”. Yes, I have to admit it really do looks nice & cozy, but the mattress, comforter & towel are all not really clean & it’s kind of sticky too ! Wah seh….lucky I brought my own towel.

Here’s where you put your luggage & stuffs. But wait, what’s those brochures doing over there? That’s not mine…it should be those left by the previous guests. If so…..what in the world are those housekeeping people doing over here ? This should be cleared!

Ohhh, they have a mini fridge & a hot water kettle over here. Just for your information, the mini fridge are faulty & the kettle has some white powder substance in it which is un-washable. Now, tell me, do you want a cup of tea ?

This is the toilet. Looks ordinary, right? Nothing fancy, nothing special. That’s not all. They have no water heater/shower. SAD

What is this dark, gloomy picture? It’s the restaurant of the resort, where you have your meals. Meals are served buffet style over here.

This was my LUNCH for 2 days. Ordinary, plain, worse than what I can get at Kuala Terengganu’s town. Failure.

Maybe it’s just me, or is it that people here do fancy BREAKFAST more than anything else? At least the breakfast looks more hearty & decent. Thank God…

Hey, just now you were saying the food here are lousy & now you’re showing me a decent looking Chicken Chop dish? For your information, the one & only way to get such a decent looking dish is by ordering via ala-carte. Which means you have to PAY separately. Period.

This bed of flowers here are what you see right after exiting the restaurant. This, I have to admit, are really nice.

Ermmm, what happened? Did my camera fell into the sea while snapping some shots? No, this is just a picture taken while snorkeling off the resort. Thanks DeXXy for lending me his trusted water-proof camera!

Nemo….opps, I mean, Clown Fish spotted within the reefs. Notice how heavy are the density of the water as compared to the crystal clear waters of Perhentian & Lang Tengah islands.

DARKNESS invade the sea with ridiculously bright colors’ snorkeling gear. Now bite me.

Some random fish swam to me & whispered that I got cheated into this lousy & below par resort, & I should have opt for Perhentian or Lang Tengah Island instead. Ohh gosh, if only I have met you earlier, Mr Fish.

I guess this is the one & only underwater shot that is clearly lighted & decent. The rest are either too dark, highly dense, or blurred.

What in the world does a milk bottle has to do with surfing & snorkeling gears for rent? Nothing. Spotted on a camp site situated next to the resort.

Ohhh, did I just snorkeled all the way to Sipadan or something ? No, this is still Kapas Island. It’s just the view, that’s all. Notice the strong waves; it has been like that since the day I got into the island.

Fresh coconut water, straight from the coconut’s tree. Got it as a complimentary from a resort worker who so happen to be plucking coconuts like some monkey….I mean, some professional. Thanks, man.

With all the silence & tranquility surrounding the place, I managed to read 1 ½ books out of the 2 books I’ve brought over here. And the feeling is really…..priceless.

Ermmm…what’s this bunch of people doing over here at this secluded island ? Ohhh, they are teachers who came here for some team-building event. And this happened right on my last day of stay. Thanks for ruining the atmosphere, people.

Well, after looking at all the pictures I’ve posted above, do you think I’ll be returning to this place again ? Of course NOT. Once is more than enough, & I really, really discourage anyone from spending your precious vacation over here.

Go with the flow & opt for the over-crowded Redang Island instead of this island, or if you prefer silence & solitude like I do, opt for Lang Tengah. Perhentian stands in between the rating for Redang & Lang Tengah, but this island, especially this resort, is totally out of the race.

Nevertheless, all these are still my personal opinion. If you happen to stay before at Kapas Island & had a wonderful experience at other resorts or maybe even this same resort, please do share with us here. Sharing is caring, remember?

Till then……it’s time for the Dark One to reside within the shadows….again.

Desaru Fruit Farm


Desaru Fruit Farm is a farm with 100 tropical fruit species. It’s located at Johor. If you follow from PLUS highway, take the Kulai exit and follow the signboard to Kota Tinggi.

On the half way to Kota Tinggi, you’ll see Desaru signboard. Just follow the signboard and you’ll able to reach there in about 40 mins using trunk road.

Desaru Fruit Farm

July 2009

This is an officially a family trip. I rarely had family trip nowadays as most of the places that I went to are very challenging. Only this kind of trip is suitable for them. By paying only RM145 per person (pre-booked in MATTA Fair 2 years ago), I finally can make this trip comes true.

Desaru Fruit Farm might be look strange to you because I grew up with Desaru associated with beach. Yea, we did our beach visit as well.

My journey started as early as 4.30am from KL. We reached there at 10am. I drove along the trunk road after the Kulai exit. Follow the Kota Tinggi signboard. However, when you have chance to spot Desaru signboard, just follow it.

Upon reaching the entrance, you have to turn right to the opposite side.

The entrance is read as “Selamat Datang DESARU FRUIT FARM“.

At the main office entrance, we saw this series of pineapple tied in a rainbow shape.

Our trip didn’t start with breakfast as we were too late for breakfast, very close to lunch hour. So, we decided to skip it. Instead, we moved to Bee Talk.

Bee Talk, one of the common briefing about how bee makes honey and honey cure our illness.

Pure honey or medical honey were produced at very high quality and sell at around RM80++ per bottle. Some are even shot up to RM300 (with some special ingredient – tongkat ali).

Successful story and famous pictures can be found on these boards.

Durians, king of the fruits are available for sale.

Agro Tourism with guided tour.

This is the walk-in price (slightly higher compare to years ago), I’m sure you can get cheaper with package booking.

The farm has 100 tropical fruit species. They also had an excellent guided tour with explanations about the fruits. At the end of guided walk, you will be able see the mini pet farm.

We were fetched in and out by this van.

Dragon fruit, is one of the most famous fruit in this farm.

According to our guide, this tree is belonging to cactus family and can lived up to 100 years.

The decor of the garden was quite impressive.

Water apple (sui yong in Canto).

What are the bull tracks doing here? Just for decor, perhaps.

Herbal Garden welcome board.

We walked under a very good weather ever. Good for photography…haha.

Landscaping of the garden.

For those city people who never saw Kunyit plant, here it is.

At the end of farm, there was a mini pet farm. Goat, rabbit, monkey and ostrich can be found here.

He/She was shy away from people. Don’t scare, we won’t bite, but we do scare you attack us.

Looking for food…oh..please feed this goat. He was looks so sad.

OMG! Ostrich like to aim at people and kiss you. Better go faster…oh, it’s hurt. Oh lucky.

Owl. One was sleeping and one was awake. YES sir…anything I can help here?

Damn…really look like ghost face…haha (burung hantu).

Lunch treat was served at 12.30pm.

Mostly local delicacies were served.

And our target was FRUIT!!!

I never had any fruit buffet before, however, by seeing this made my saliva drop…I tried each of them, but I love the tempoyak the most. I had 3 times refilled at least.

After a heavy lunch, we departed from Desaru Fruit Farm and proceeded to The Pulai Desaru Beach for a night accommodation.

Overall, this kind of trip is supposed to be ONE DAY trip unless you came from very far, you need to opt for an overnight stay. It’s only few hours’ tour, with majority of Singaporean tourists.

It’s a rare occasion where Malaysian would pay for fruit farm visit. For me, I opted for Desaru Beach more than anything else.

Therefore, my real holiday mood is just started! Stay tune.

Genting Highlands 2009


Genting Highlands is not an anonymous name for Malaysian. It has been kept us entertain since our kids age. Also a good vacation place in Malaysia, no matter where you come from.

Genting Highlands

May 2009

It’s a worth place to visit, no matter stay overnight or not, you’ll never find it boring. If I could have one week stay here, I probably had my good time here. Nevertheless, I planned one day trip with Lily in conjunction of our first year.


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