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Tabur Hill – West Route


I never get tired of Tabur Hill, but nowadays I really focus on completing more new mountains. My latest attempt on Tabur Hill was last year, on West route which gave an old memory recall since 5 years back. Huh? Am I recalled my first ever hike in my life?

Tabur West (Bukit Tabur)

West route, is the most basic route when people talk about Tabur Hill, a hill with amazing view but dangerous enough if you fear of height. Satisfaction was priceless when you step on every unblocking view of the surrounding.

Yeah, a short of 10 minutes of steep hiking from the entrance can give you a very first introduction of what Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) can offer to you.


Bukit Tabur – Look To The East


Bukit Tabur is divided to many series nowadays. West, East, Extreme & Far East are those identified by many hardcore hikers as how they labeled it. Back to square one, I’m still fancying over Tabur series once a while for its divisiveness striking view.

9 Apr 2011 | Bukit Tabur – Look To The East

Alternatively, Tabur East is offering a sunrise view, a view that many hikers/campers wanted to see when they wake up in the morning. With equipped a good DSLR camera, you can easily taken a striking sun light flaring your lens nicely. Believe it, any point and shoot camera can produce this angle, but of course with some editing works, the stunning light can align in nice tone.

Back from photo topic, let’s talk about hiking experience from Tabur East. This route is accessible from Taman Melawati, located at few turning within the residential area.

The exact location can be referring to this co-ordination (GPS): +3° 13′ 55.23″, +101° 45′ 0.45″ if you interested.


Tabur Hill Extreme


HAVING a chance to hike Tabur Extreme is consider a very challenging move. It was organized by the famous hiker cum recce master, Alvin Chang specifically for us to explore the serenity of the Tabur series mountains and at the same time testing our hiking passion.

13 Feb 2011 | Tabur Extreme

A final series of Tabur which classified as extreme version. A correspondent to rock hiking, people often associate this as tough and dangerous. If you often hike and get used to it, probably, it’s just another hiking under the hot sun.

No doubt, Tabur is offering a good place for photography and my passion on photography can be say started from here few years ago.

This would marking my end to continue exploring Tabur in future, exception on leisure basis.


Bukit Tabur – Sunrise @ East Route


Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) is one of the most popular hill among hikers. If you have been to Broga Hill or heard about it, you’re pretty much to like this hill as both offer you the striking view of sunrise in good weather. My hiking in Tabur Hill this time indeed a very good experience. I did five attempts in West entrance since year 2006 and this round I managed to hike East route with guidance from an experience leader in our group.

Bukit Tabur (Tabur Hill) – Sunrise @ East Route

14 March 2010

With a splendid 6 hours of hiking (included rest and photography session), it gave me a different view of Tabur Hill since I first knew it. Due to our mission is to watch sunrise at the peak, we planned to start hiking as early as 6.00am. All of us were punctual and VOILA, we started to walk in the dark with help of head torch lamp.

The sky still in dark and we walked in a line with a sweeper behind us. It was done professionally by considering all of us are first timer. Even though, none of us complained about exhaustion, guess everyone there are quite fit for such challenging climb.


Tabur Hill – Fifth Hiking


After so many hike attempts on the Tabur Hill @ Taman Melawati, I have finally become an organizer to lead 8 peoples up to the hill in 4 hours. I managed to complete activity without any unforeseen circumstances except some of them didn’t have their breakfast earlier. And they have drowned out their energy to negative form.

Tabur Hill 2009 – Fifth Hiking

We met up at 7.00am along the MRR2 before turn into Taman Melawati. We manage to reach there at 7.40am. There were many peoples went up before us. Therefore, we’re considering as late comer.


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